Faces - #19 of 29

My face for today is a WIP - this girl mostly in water colors. My day started with an exercise in the Life Book e-course by Tamara Laporte supposed to honor my now. And, as I went on with it and started to visualize my thoughts and feelings, my inner little girl showed up with wings made of support and love by my extremely loving and supportive on-line friends and myself during the last year, that culminated in changing the name of my blog last night and a pretty clear vision of the ways I decided to go to develop and put out her/my fine art into the buying world in the coming months. She seems really to be ready to fly, doesn't she? :)

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Gina said...

:D I am smiling because you are blossoming into the person you truly are :D The clear innocent honesty of your inner self is beautifully illustrated by that little girl with wings :D XXX