My Creative Space - Filling up the Well and Being Brave

The past week, I didn't paint much. Two of the days were occupied with trips to the town, the rest of the time I mostly did things to fill up my inner well, as Flora Bowley suggested for the week 3 of the Bloom True e-course I'm doing right now: I read a book, watched a couple of movies (nothing extra-ordinary, but good enough to feed my imagination), spent peaceful days in our home and out in the nature paying much more conscious attention to and learning to appreciate my unique surrounding with all my senses, and captured part of it in sketches and photos.

Sure thing, I painted a bit almost every day as well. So this painting could be next to finished
Below are some of the phases it went through (unfortunately, I forgot to capture the first layer I had so much fun with: covering the canvas with snippets of my kids old school works and some white wall paint)
Today, I tried to do one of the assignments suggested by Flora for week 4: to be brave and paint a whole painting only with quadrates.  To be honest, the fear of wasting a canvas and some pricey paints for an unknown (crappy?) result really spoiled the process for me this time. I hope this experience allows me to enjoy more the next time I try to be extra brave with my paintings, as I pretty much like the result of this one :)
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Odd Chick said...

Look how all that wonderful layering played out under your beautiful soaring bird! This is beautiful. I've loved getting to visit with you on facebook!

Gina said...

Rita...the multi layered bird painting is fantastic!...and the colours on the painted canvas are so warm and vibrant...a jou to look at :D XXX

Tee Thompson said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these babe. that bird painting is so great. I loved the bright colors but when you glazed over it all it just.. took it up a notch.