My Creative Space - (RE)DISCOVERIES

Last week has been more about contemplating and research than creating for me. Nevertheless, this little portrait for the e-course with Sharon Tomlinson could be finished (one never knows, right?)
But the process was really hard for me, as I had to discover, that after the course with Flora Bowley, I hate to paint small and realistic and even more - to try to copy another artist's work. So I had to find another way for that course to work for me. This week is about portraits by Romanian artists around 1900. I did a good research about them on-line, especially, about the ones done by the authors associated with the symbolist movement in Romania. It took me 3 hours and was really inspiring: I made 13 study sketches and rediscovered my love for painting and drawing on dark backgrounds. So a couple of new paintings have their first layers already down on pieces of repurposed card board.

And thanks to a free Mandala e-course by Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal , I made another rediscovery: my love for geometric drawings and paintings, especially - the s.c. sacred geometry.
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SimJaTa said...

just popped over from BOD FB. Love your art works, and the courses you have been on, one day I hope to do one with Flora adore her works.