My Creative Space - Inspired by Angels and Canvas from a Chocolate Box

At the beginning of this week we had a heat wave in our country and I was pretty much occupied with finding and applying remedies for my pancreatitis flair. On Friday, my sister and her son visited us, and we had some good time together in spite of a pain attack I had by the end of their visit. As I had to take it really easy not to trigger more pain attacks, I spent most of the time inside: at the computer, watching The Tudors and reading. On Sunday, I stumbled upon this great offer by Sherry Ann Ponzi and joined the fun. By the way, it's still open to any price you can/want to pay. As soon, as I got access to the workshop materials, I went through all the videos and a a guided meditation "Visiting the Well of Creative Inspiration". They inspired me so much, that I started a painting right away and spent 3 wonderful days with this lady
Today, I'm trying to finish her, and THAT is never easy to me :)

Another project I started yesterday, is a painting surface I'm preparing repurposing this chocolate box.
First thing, I sanded it gently, than covered with pieces of repurposed printer paper (my kids' old school works) using white glue
Today, I'm covering it with a layer of white latex ceiling paint and pages from an totally useless old book about the first aid :) I suppose, a couple more layers will be needed to make this pretty fragile box a good surface to paint on, but I really like transforming it.

As most of you know, Thursdays are the days of Creative Spaces. Unfortunately, I can't find the post to link to today :( If you get lucky, please, let me know it! Thank you so much!


Gina said...

Hoping your pain passes quickly. Love the inspired healer you are working on, she is so peaceful and soothing :D XXX

Erika Price said...

Beautiful painting, Rita! Hope you don't have any more pain attacks {{{hugs}}}