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Today, I almost forgot to post the resume of my creative week. Could be because of the huge renovation going on in the apartment right below ours and making my day much more loud and chaotic....

Anyhow, the "Spirit of Water Lily"  is finished, i.e., I have put it away to stop fiddling on it :)

A "Magic Jug" is painted on the repurposed chocolate box from last week
You can see some phases of my process here.

Another painting has got its first couple of layers...
... and looks like this for now.

And I'm thinking pretty much about the way I create and discussing it with my friends on Facebook :)

Two ideas:
1. a painting is never finished completely, you can add something to it even after 10 years,
2. you should like your creation after each session of working on it :)

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Sandra Belegi said...

Rita, I didn't know your jug paint had been done on a repurposed box of chocolate! When I saw the pictures on Facebook, I thought you had made some collage as a base on a canvas or wood board. Fantastic! Now I love it even more :)