My Creative Space - Folk-ish Autumn Scenes

Last week, I created something almost every day: knitted a triangular scarf/shawl for my sister and collaged and painted on repurposed card board and water color paper. Do you remember the mixed media piece I started the previous week? It turned out to be a Tree on Fire.
Fancy to see some phases of the process? Check out this album!
I haven't created any portraits last week, but look at these 3 beauties enjoying their fall outfits and saying good bye to the birds! :) Not sure, if I should work more on their features or erase them, or leave them, as they are. :) What do you think? Honestly!
And I captured some of the phases of the process for you again.
And there are 2 abstract layers put down on 4 A3 sheets of water color paper meant to become cards for a swap. No pictures though not to spoil it for the receivers. ;)

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Cynthia Hanna said...

Hi Rita!! I love that you share the process - and I don't think that you should change a thing with the results :)

Colours and Textures said...

Thanks for sharing.