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Last week has been busy for me with translation jobs, but something really exciting is brewing around me:


Taking inspiration from similar challenges, we started to play with the idea of doing some art at least once a week for one whole year in one of the art groups I'm in on Facebook, and, now, the idea is developing and spreading. I'm pretty much ready to host it here on my blog and to create the respective groups on Facebook and Flickr. As soon, as I have some free time, I'll start working on it. As it is planned to launch on January 1 2013, there is still enough time for that, right?

Fact is, it made me so excited, that I started to work at the largest painting in my life so far (60x80cm), in spite of the almost complete lack of day light here lately. The next morning after I had put down the collage layer on the canvas, it turned out, that the frame had twisted. It was kind of a bad news, as I liked, what I saw on it, but then I started to realize, how the belief, that the painting would most probably never be marketable other than as a print, gave me much more freedom just to play on it and enjoy the process. It looks somewhat like this now.

What else has happened in my creative space last week?

I received a new card :)
by Elin Folkesson

Sorry for the not so good images. I managed to get some better light into my studio/kitchen by getting rid of the shade and exchanging the usual light bulb with a day light one (many thanx to everyone, who helped me figure out that solution). That gives me the opportunity to paint and to see the colors right, but the amount of light still isn't enough for my cheap camera without tripod.

(Just remembered, that I have to finish the cards for the second swap ASAP, if I don't want to be late for the dead line :)

And I started to crochet a Holiday Wreath inspired by this young man's tutorial

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Tee Thompson said...

Loving the freedom your large piece displays. I like where it's headed.. and not to burst your wonderful worry-free bubble, but you can remove the canvas from the frame and ship it to the parson who buys it in a tube. Then they can get it restreatched when they frame it. (which a lot of framers do anyway.. restretch the canvas.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Way to go Rita -- love the size of your new painting! Haven't done one that large myself - I think the largest I've done is 40X 50. Have FUN. xoDonna

Arctida said...

Wow! So cool! I didn't know you were a painter as well Rita! Way to go! :)