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The past 2 weeks were not easy for me with my daughter's birthday party, urgent translations to work at, and a virus my body is still fighting with. So my muse had to wait, until I had enough time and energy to serve her. That doesn't mean she was happy with that and didn't scream at me, until she got me into arting. So I made some Christmas cards
and continued working at the painting I have showed you 2 times already. It could be finished now, although this isn't the very final stage of it.
For the time being, it's almost impossible for me to show my works online, as my old cheap photo camera fairly died. My wonderful daughter in law sent me hers and I received it today, but it is a professional one, and I don't know, when I will dare to start using it. Besides, the USB cable and the instructions are missing. I hope to find the instructions online and learn at least to shoot pics soon, than I'll need to find and buy the right USB cable to upload the images to the compy. The pics you see in this post were shot with my daughter's smart phone and not very good, no matter how much I tried to edit them.

Therefore, I'll not even try to show you images of the 7(!) new cards I received from my artist friends, as they would no way do justice to the adorable miniature works of art they truly are. Please, bear with me, until I can depict them properly.

To make the waiting less hard, I can show you a piece of the winter wonderland we are living in right now (shot by my daughter and edited by me).
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Shelly Penko said...

Love love love your painting. Hope you kick that virus soon! Can't wait for you to solve your camera issues so it will be easier for you to post. ♥

Gina said...

I love the Red and Green christmas cards and the winter wonderland you live in...but the tulip painting...I adore :D XXX

Tee Thompson said...

OMG That tulip painting is fantastic. You have got to offer prints of that one babe

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Oh Ratts about your camera. We get so dependent on them don't we. Good luck with learning the new one - it won't take you long. Love your red and green cards. Look like the trees have a lot of texture. LOVE the tulip painting. It has lovely richness and depth. xoDonna

Lucy Chen said...

Love the snow, Rita! Is it very cold over there?