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During the last week, I haven't created much.
First of all, because it has been really dark in my studio. It's all covered, grey and rainy outside, and the never ending twilight always weights down my creative activities.
But I have completed something this week: 4 papier-mache apples and their boxes for a good cause. When I worked the last layers on them in the dark studio, I had to think about the artists centuries ago, who created their masterpieces before electricity became available. :)

These are some of the phases they went through.

By the end, my hands were all golden :)

Secondly, the CAPI course with Milliande and some of the artist groups I'm in on Facebook have flung up impulses for intense inside work and research, mostly, about my place in the (art)world. There are thousands of artists using the same brands of art supplies and substrates. There seems not to be a chance, that I could get to them in a serious amount ever. I'm gradually ceasing to feel like I'm lacking something essential to create significant art. Instead, I'm pondering and researching, what resources I have and what ways are open for me. It even starts to be a privilege not to have too many of them, as there are less options to be weighted. :) As the motto for my latest research, could serve the words Daisetz T. Suzuki uses to define the Wabi Sabi in arts: "an active aesthetical appreciation of poverty", of a quasi (material) poverty, that is an actual (spiritual) abundance and blessing. For instance, I lately found a new use for my abandoned art journals: I'm using them as a kind of art grimoire, i.e., I'm trying out new ways of using all kinds of stuff in my art in them, even food. :) And fricken loving it!!! :)

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Tralasong said...

Love seeing your process with the apples Rita [apple mobile!! :) ] and ultimately your golden hands! xoDi

Cazamataz said...

love it......xxxxxxx

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...
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Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Your new investigations sound most interesting and enticing. Keep us posted. I gotta say I absolutely LOVE your apples. They are absolutely fantastic! xoDonna

Cara said...

Wow, the apples just needed the "mistake" of layering and now they look AWESOME! :D *high five!*

Lea Hladky Turk said...

As I understand art it's about connection, touching the soul, makes you different, memories recall... And this apple reminde me on Snow White.
Well it's interesting how colours make us think different. Like you said about your studio. My media is paper so I vote for cream, white and red combination. :-)

Louise said...

Your apples are gorgeous Rita, and your description of your studio and the light very evocative.

Myrto said...

I really LOVE your color palette !!!!