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Last week has been pretty productive in  my studio. The cold is gone, and, on some days, we can even see the sun. It feels like spring, and that always gives me heaps of creative energy.

I continued my research on Wabi Sabi in a more practical direction: did some more experiments with coffee...

And, one snowy morning, I took the camera with me, when I went out with the dog. To take shots holding our crazy girl on a leash was quite a task and, pretty soon, it started snowing too heavy and I had to pack in the camera not to damage it, but I managed to get some shots I really liked. You have seen them probably on Facebook already. This is one of them (by the way: I live in the house to the left in the background).

Visit this album to see more.

Another thing was to get rid of the cheery bright colors in some of my paintings, that I just couldn't stand any more. Do you remember images I showed you here about a month ago? Must have been sidetracked by all the bright and cheery paintings and art journal pages I see in the art groups. But my muse brought me back to my senses. :)
Just one example.
After these phases I thought the painting could be finished, but, somehow, I didn't like it (sorry for the blurry image, it was taken with the smartphone).
As soon, as I realized, it's the bright colors I don't like, I took some old flower wrap paper, brown and white acrylics, and black ink, and moved on.
Might still do some tweaking here and there (struggled a load with the left upper corner), but my muse is happy again.  At least, for now. :)
And some more of my colorful WIPs have got a brown-black-grey-ish layer on top of the cheery stuff as well. :)

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Gina said...

I didn't NOT like the original...but I LOVE the reworked piece. Much more organic and in tune feeling from it. :D XXX

Tee Thompson said...

What a transformation hon.. that's just so much more like you!

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Such a transformation! I think the pieces you created out of the bright pieces reflect exactly where you are at the moment - lack of light, and just the entire mood of winter. Very beautiful. hugs, Donna

Cathee said...

Love the transformed piece-I always have a hard time trying to do bright -even tho I love other artists pieces- I am a natural color girl-that must be why nature is my sanctuary....HAve a good weekend ,,,,Cathee

Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy said...

I lover your work, congratulations, you are a great artist. Besos desde España.