My Creative Space

For the last week, I have been really busy, not with work for money, although the school break is over and I've had 3 classes and a meeting already. I have spent much time and energy arting: 3 mixed media paintings are finished or very close to it, 3 are in the works, 4 more papier-mache apples are covered with freshly made gesso, and their boxes - sanded. As days are extremely short and dark here in the North right now, and I still don't have a card reader for the new photo camera, I'll not bother you with big blurry images. I hope, you can get an impression from this mosaic.

Most of my time, I have spent in online artistic communities though.

First and foremost, with the more than 150 extremely talented ladies dedicated to create A Piece A Week in 2013.

Then, I have signed up for the year long LifeBook 2013 e-course, more for the community than for the classes. If I really follow the instructions, I mostly highly dislike not only the results, but even the process and feel like trying to walk in someone else's shoes. (Or is it just the disturbing feeling of stepping out of the comfort zone?) Besides, I rarely have the suggested supplies. But I love those teachers and cherish the great community and atmosphere around them. So, for now, I honestly try to create something for the assignments, and spend much time in the respective Facebook group with almost 900(!) members.

And then, there is a F.R.E.E. e-course, that feels like tailor made for me: Create Art Portfolio Ideas with Milliande. It is all about discovering our own creative style and moving intuitively. Sice the art classes at school, I have experienced it: the more given program, the less my creativity flows. The first raw sketchbook assignment was posted yesterday, and I had some real blast playing today! Even my daughter asked for a sheet of paper to participate :)

There could be about 10 more artistic online groups I'm participating in, but let's leave something for another time, OK?

And now, you know, what comes, don't you? :) It's like the quick sentence at the end of many commercials :) To see more creative spaces visit this site and be inspired!


Tee Thompson said...

LOVE your mosaic! it's so pretty and the pages in the second image are so interesting~~ Can't wait to see more.

Gina said...

Wow! you have been busy! Loving the "chalky" effect on your panels ...especially liking the hot fiery orange ones :D XXX

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Nice to be involved in the FB groups - I agree there is a great feeling in most of the groups. You have been sooooo productive. Can't wait until you get your card reader so we can see the entire picture. xodonna (pokie)

Erika Price said...

Gosh, Rita - you've been working SO hard! Love your work, especially the blurry lilac one!