An Experiment and Another Breakthrough

For the whole last week, my body was fighting some kind of virus (or a couple of them). Not a pleasant experience, but a good spring cleaning was much needed for sure.

On Wednesday, a parcel arrived from a friend in the US with these beautiful art supplies: The Tattered Angels Paint System Fall/Winter and 2 steampunk stencils, all from A New Day Art Studio.

On Thursday, I couldn't help but at least try them out in my grimoire. :)
First, I started a background with the 2 paints applying them with a brush (had never worked with something drying so fast, literally, in seconds!) and sprayed some of the mists over it,

then, I worked some white gesso through the stencils,

and spritzed some of the both glimmer mists on top of it all.

The colors are very rich, although the paints/glazes are translucent, and go very well together. And none of them are too glimmery or glittery for my liking, so I'm pretty pleased with the first result, especially, with the contrast between the gesso and the super glossy, metallic paints/glazes.

I most definitely have some more ideas, so stay tuned for new creations by me using these supplies next week!

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But that's not all she said! :)
There is something much more important I'm longing to tell you. Until Thursday, I couldn't do much more than rest and let my immune system to do its job. When I wasn't asleep, I was sitting on my computer, chatting with friends and family online and watching videos to be less aware of the unpleasant sensations in my body and to use the days to nurture my spirit and soul. And sitting there with a tissue under a running nose I might have had one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life. (My head is still spinning!) For months, I had been trying to figure out, what I really wanted. For years already, I was happy with what was in every moment and discovered, what I wanted, when it had happened. But, during the last couple of months, there was this permanent growing feeling, that there were some deep desires in my life, only fear didn't let them surface to my conscious. On Wednesday (the first day of New Moon in Aries) I was watching this video.

And, somewhere during the chant, it happened: I KNEW WHAT I WANTED and had to cry like a baby! :) I felt a crystal clear hearts desire to work in a place, where seekers gather to experiences oneness, the truth about themselves and all that is. A bit later it became clear to me, that the place was not the most important part of my epiphany. I knew, what I longed to FEEL doing my job: connectedness, love, peace, and that I'm serving seekers for truth. It still feels huge, but I'm unspeakably thankful to have this beacon for my future decisions!

Lauren C. Gorgo closes her new report with the words: "Unbuckle your seat belts, we're about to remember, how to fly!" Yes, I'm spreading my wings!

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Gina said...

O Wow!!! On both aspects of your posting :D The Grimoire pages look amazing, but the epiphany is even more so :D XXX