Creativity Wave Spreading

We are still celebrating the Sun with a global creativity wave!

To my ancestors, the June (summer) solstice - Jāņi - was a very special celebration with loads of fertility rituals.

Not many of us know and observe them now, but this is still the most important festivity of my nation, the Latvians, no matter where in the world we are scattered.

My plan was to create (or at least to start) a painting devoted to the Sun as our energy source and the symbol of God/Source around noon yesterday and to start it with a meditation outside.

My plans changed, as it was much too hot for me to leave the house. Believe me, +30C is a huge load here in the North! :)

So I gave in to a strong urge to clean and tidy up my space, then, I did this meditation and started a painting drumming on the canvas and spreading gesso over it.

When I started to glue down scraps of paper a thunder storm broke out behind my studio window, so I created the first layer of my work accompanied by thunder and rain! That was so super cool!!! It felt like the nature and the Sun her/himself was powerfully supporting my work.

By the end of the storm I put down the first layer of paint with my hands drumming on the canvas again.  But that was all I could add to it yesterday.

After the thunderstorm, it got hot again pretty fast and all the evaporating water made the air so humid, that the acrylic paint I used (even with less water than mostly) did not dry at all.

Usually, I'd use a heat gun, but that was not an option yesterday, as it was too hot for me already.

As many of the more than 70 participants haven't finished their works either and we will have the largest and brightest full moon of this year at 23 June, I decided to extend the event and to include the celebration of Moon as well.

Some of our nations are traditionally celebrating the Solstice on another date anyway, including most of the Latvians. :)

This is, how my mixed media piece looks today after some more drumming on the canvas :)

I hope you continue connecting with the Heart of our planet system and our only natural satellite and the energy coming through them.

Please, share the way you are doing it, your WIPs and finished creations, so we all can become enriched!

Places to share:

If you need guidance in connecting with our Source-star, there are loads of great suggestions online. This is one of my favorites

And, here, you can listen to some Latvian solstice music

And you know I'm always happy to hear from you, right?
Please, feel free to leave a comment here or contact me at ritajc(at)inbox(dot)lv


Rosemari Roast said...

What a fabulous start to a fabulous honor! <3

Faye said...

Very interesting how your painting progressed through the storm. I looked for the big moon last night, but, alas, it was raining and no moon showing.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Beautiful artwork!
Great layers and hearing about your process.
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Ilona Heimböckel said...

I like the idea to celebrate midsummer with your art and the process you share here.

I can relate to your feelings about the heat. Where I live we have a lot of rain and about 13 degrees C, rather cold for summer in the north of Germany! :-)

I'm looking forward to the next step in your sun and moon painting!