About the power of NOW and enjoying the moment

Another post by a guest :) This time, by Corina Stupu Thomas. Sorry for the strange shape of the article! Blogger has been naughty on me again :( Enjoy!
It’s one of those rare British summer afternoons ... warm, sunny, with such a beautiful light, with lots of brilliant flowers waving in the garden in the afternoon breeze ..... The truth is that all of these are here year in and year out but I rarely paid attention to them.
.... I was way to busy, rushing around.... worrying about past, future, arranging meetings, postponing meetings, doing, doing, doing. Now I’m learning to enjoy the moment more, to open my eyes and really, really see that life is actually a series of NOW(s) and realizing that each NOW is valuable.
Earlier today, I decided to hold my business planning session with myself .... not in my office at home but ... in a coffee shop on the beach front, about 30 minutes walk away from the house along the seafront promenade.
As a reformed workaholic I have to say that this was a good thing for me.
What stopped me from doing this before? Nothing and nobody! Nobody but myself and my own limiting belief about what looked and seemed right or not. I wonder in what areas of your life you are actually the person standing in the way of a positive or creative change in your life?
I’m inviting you to ... try something new today ... I’m inviting you to take a break and ....remind yourself of the things you are grateful for at this very moment. You can doodle about this, write your thoughts down, record them by taking photos on your iphone, sketch ..... Why not create a habit of this .... and create a “Gratitude journal”.
About Corina Stupu Thomas My mission is to help women reconnect with their unique voices, reframe the unhelpful stories they believe about themselves and empower them to live the life they long for through intuitive coaching, art, writing and so much more! You can follow me on my blog at and see some of my paintings at

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