Working With My Second Chakra

Last week has been pretty intense for me again with
- a couple of courses
- training an adolescent Kelpie mix
- supporting my youngest son, who had his entrance exams in the Art school
- and much more.

My son was accepted! Still feeling pretty proud about it, as it took me 4 months to get him willing and prepared. :)

And our doggie is doing much better after only one week of training, but, somehow, my creativity felt blocked.

I couldn't even start the e-book I made a decision to finish until the next session with my coach.

Today, I started to work with my second chakra and discovered, that it was totally blocked with fear.

It turns out, I'm afraid of my own creativity and sexual energy, because it has brought me some serious trouble in the "past".

And I realized, that for the last couple of days, the Source has pointed me into that direction already,
for example,
with information about The Shakti Summit
or this Relationships course with Tamara Lackey.

Today, I felt really tired of it and willing to start cleaning it out. So I did a search on YouTube and tried a couple of meditations. This one worked the best for me.

I feel, I have to stay with this longer, although, I'd really love to move forward in the direction of an established new business.

I still feel the fear of failure rearing its head. So, I'm willing to stay with this as long as it takes.

Even more so, as there are many signs, that support it, including Lauren C. Gorgo's latest channeling with these words being part of it:

" matter how much we want out of this uncomfortable place, it's still not time to move (all parts of ourselves) forward yet ... unless your goal is to create more of your past..."

I most definitely am sick of what I have created in my "past", although it brought me to this spot, what I really appreciate. :)

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Gina said...

Oh my sweet Rita, you are one of the most courageous artistic souls I have met in this virtual world we share! It is my belief that even the things we think of as "mistakes" were necessary steps on the path we need to travel, lessons to be learned as it were. Fear is just our internal "you need to notice this" warning system. Fear is necessary to our survival. If we can accept fear as one of our "tools for life" we can use it rather than it blocking us :D <3 XXX

Grace Amaury said...

I've been working on second Chakra as well this week. :)
Thank you for sharing the Chakra meditation video! I'm definitely going to give it a try too.
Wishing you all the best,