My First Ralire Experience

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a couple of new posts on Facebook by Milliande Demetriu, that led me to her new blog Random Linear Remnants, where she shares her study.

Being a thinker and explorer myself, I wanted to dive into the posts on that blog right away. But it was too late for that.

Today, although, I had a new translation project to work at, I couldn't help, but read them all in my first break. :)

I really love marks and patterns, that appear random and organic, so those posts really resonated with me and triggered quite some pondering in me.

Especially, about the marks left by human beings and the potential of their randomness.

  • Conscious drawing must be one of the most controlled ways of mark making per se.
  • Drawings by small children and people with particular brain damage often are very random.
  • The brain is controlling the drawing process by coordinating the motion of the hand through the eyes.
  • There are ways to loosen up the drawing process, f.e., to close ones eyes, to take some alcohol or some other substance dampening the control centers of the brain.
  • Although, there are laws and regularities behind seemingly chaotic natural lines and patterns, they must differ pretty much form the ones created by a fully developed control center of a human brain. :)
I even tried to "draw" a couple of sound patterns inspired by Milliande's latest post.

Thoughts that emerged from that experience:

The lines seem to resemble the motion of the object creating the sound. When I closed my eyes, it was much easier to merge with the sound and the motion of its source, but it was hard to stay in the frame of the 2 D surface.

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