A Cool Job

Hi again!

I'm here to tell you, that, for now, I have a job that I'm really happy with. I'm transcribing audio files for GP Walsh, the "Irreverent Sage", as he calls himself.

Our "story" started in August 2013, when I was spiraling down into deep depression. I was seeking for spiritual remedies all over the internet and stumbled upon G and his home study course "Just Allow It".

It wasn't expensive at all. In fact, for that amount of content, it was almost free. But in my tough material situation, I had to scratch together all my reserves to pay for it.

And I haven't had the slightest regrets that I did. The course was wonderful with all the explanations and meditations!

It evoke in me the answers to my deepest burning questions, that none of the previous teachings had been able to. (And believe me, I have heard quite a load of them in the 40 years of seeking for the Truth.)

And as I saw G speaking and teaching in those videos and found some more information about him on the internet, I recognized, that that was exactly the way I had longed to live and to teach for all my life.

Since that time, we have stayed in contact, mostly - through e-mails. And G has gifted me with all his courses, that I longed to attend, but couldn't afford.

On one of those calls last summer, G literally saved my life with how he answered my question: Why not just quit it all if I feel like a mere burden to the world and everybody around me?

And how he used EFT to manifest a profound change in the way my body felt at that darkest moment of depression.

G has gifted me all his courses excerpt for the most profound, large course, that could possibly lead to my certification as a Inner Reconciliation facilitator, that I am really longing to be.

And, now, I get to transcribe all the calls from the last years certification course! How cool is that?!!! And G has even posted on Facebook, that I work for his Master Heart Institute.

Now, I'd love to know how your work life is going. Would you share a couple of lines about that in the comments, please?


Cazamataz said...

This sounds as if its your calling Rita xxxx

Rita Juse-Cirkse said...

I believe so! At least for now.

Zena said...

This sounds amazing... I don´t know him so now I´ll follow your link to know more about the person that has been so important in your life.

This is the first time I come across your blog but I´ll come back.

Happy weekend

Rita Juse-Cirkse said...

Thanks, Zena! Happy weekend to you as well!