17 Ways of Building a Six-Figure Business for Less Than $100

Are you broke or almost there? Or even in debt?
Do you have a business idea, but no money for the start-up?
Are you helping people, but don't know, how to monetize your gifts?

Then you are on the right place.

Today, I want to share with you this article buy Chris Guillibeau, who visited every country in the world and studied more than 1,500 micro-businesses.

In the intro Chris writes: "I wanted to hear from all kinds of businesses–both offline and online–to decipher what made them so successful. How did they get started? What helped them grow into significant, reliable sources of income? How can you increase odds of success?

After much effort, a small team and I narrowed down the case studies to a subset of 70 that I focused on for final analysis. All 70 people had created freedom for themselves: new income and a completely new way of life. There are formulas."

In this article on Tim Ferriss' blog, Chris shares a list of 17 most important lessons learned from that analysis.

I'm pretty sure, you can use a couple of them to start your own micro-business TODAY, that might change your whole life.

After you reed it feel free to share your ideas and questions in the comments.

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