The Fear Of Growth

(Image courtesy ft.com)

Last week, I stumbled upon this article by Ravi Mattu from ft.com.

It touches one of the fears entrepreneurs experience, when starting out:

What if the business grows (and I kind of want that) too fast?
Ravi Mattu words it like this:

"Setting up a company is hard. You need to come up with a business plan, find investment, sort out legal and regulatory issues and then find enough customers or clients to pay the bills. And that is just the start.

But what happens when a company grows? It requires more structure and processes, making it harder to remain nimble and innovative. This is especially the case in the internet age, when companies can scale up so quickly that it is hard to manage the process."

Experts suggest keeping a business as small as possible as long as it goes. Ravi Mattu shares their insights as well as a couple of case studies, how successful large companies manage their growth to stay innovative and flexible. Continue reading here.

Now, you have some knowledge about how to handle the potential growth of your business. And I hope this makes your fear around it less intense.

If it is still substantial and holding you back from even creating your new business, please, don't hesitate to schedule a free call with me here to deal with it.

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