Why Is Manifesting Such A Struggle For Me?

Have you known about the Law Of Attraction for some time already?

Have you listened to audios with Abraham-Hicks and other teachers of it, read books, and maybe even participated in some courses to make use of it in your life?

And the more you tried the more frustrated you got?

Until even knowing what you want became a struggle?

Yeah, I hear you loud and clear. Because that's what happened with me as well. :)

Yesterday, I re-watched this video by one of my beloved teachers GP Walsh.

And realized, that GP formulated precisely, what I was missing in all the Law of Attraction teachings I had listened to so far (and believe me it's a huge lot):

"What we really want to manifest, is the desire to be content, to be happy, to be free, to be safe, and to be connected.

And to feel, that that is the truth for everyone, that nobody is excluded from this great Universal Benevolence.

This is what we really want."

This is, what I was missing: the certainty that what I want and manifest is serving all of creation.

Like St. Augustine said: "Love and do what you want." But why is it such a struggle? Because of unconscous limiting beliefs blocking the Source of Love and Happiness in us.

As a certified Inner Reconciliation coach, I help people to discover and dissolve those beliefs, and to free the Source/God energy inside them for unlimited unapologetic happiness.

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Coach Be said...

Very powerful! Thank you for sharing!! "the certainty that what I want and manifest is serving ALL of creation." Not just ME... Thank you!!

RitaJC said...

Thanks, Coach Be!