Money Never Was A Big Deal

Money is not a big deal. Never was.

When it's there, good. When it's not there, no big deal.

We can always find ways to survive and even thrive.

Recently, I spent a week with 0 money in my bank account and 0 money in my purse, with no certainty that large sums are on the way.

My discoveries:

1. I am a really resourceful housekeeper and cook (All 5 of us (I, my 2 youngest kids, and 2 pets) got well fed every day even though I never make and keep big stash of food. There was even some of it still left before I went shopping after a week of abstinence.)

2. I didn't feel as desperate as I was always afraid I would.

3. 0 money made our life even simpler and easier, because I didn't need to do shopping and figure out what exactly to buy.

 4. The whole way I experience spending money changed after this one week completely. Now, I can truly enjoy it even though I hated it before.

5. I realized money has no value apart from the one we assign to it. So, yesterday, I stopped treating it as my god, measuring it, paying much more attention to it as it deserves which I have been doing at least for 4 decades. Feels so great, deliberating, and empowering!

There is one thing that had prepared me for this experience though.

Since the beginning of 2017, the old ways of dealing with business, future, and, yes, money, stopped working for me completely.

Pretty soon, it was crystal clear to me, that these are the last 3 pillars of fear and scarcity mindset that are ready to be exchange with Truth in my human experience.

It took me more than 1/2 a year on top of more than 4 decades of being on the quest for Truth already and I got lots of help (will share about that in other articles), but I am an absolutely different expression of the Source now as I was at the beginning of the year.

Roger Hamilton says: "Wealth isn't how much money you have. Wealth is what you're left with if you lose all your money."

During that week, I discovered experientially that money is neither the problem nor the solutions. What we believe about it is.

Now, each moment is filled with joy, appreciation, and overflowing love, to everything and everybody, which is not new for me.

But, now, it includes this human person you call Rita, business, future, and money as well.

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