Mystic - EST weekly challenge

Michele aka steinsmuckdesign won the EST weekly challenge and chose the theme "Mystic". Now I will be the technical host of it. Let's see with what mystic beauties our European etsyans will come up!

And here are the amazing creations of amazingly talented European artists!

Mystic Earrings by LeelaBijou

Albino Dragon Skin by ingermaaike

The Unicorn Journal by kreativlink

The Key to the Mystic Kingdom by staroftheeast

Honeycomb Amulet Bag by kraplap

Freeform Crocheted Necklace Mystic Black by JaneBo Felt

Mystic Eye Choker by gr8jewellery

Mystic Copper Circle Neklace by DeerLola

Mystic Rose Pendant by alatvian

Mystic Symbol on Black Stone by StormsHandicrafts

Mystic Camel by LaTouchables

Patronus Mystic Bracelet by dinafragola

And the winner is Jane aka JaneBoFelt! Congratulations!!!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'm looking forward to coming up with something for this marvelous theme!

LeelaBijou said...

Congrats Stein!! What an interesting theme!

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Congrats Stein! Beautiful theme!

Kreativlink said...

Congrats!! And what a theme... perfect for me :)

ira said...

stunning entries! Well done with the theme Stein and for the host Rita:)

Audrone said...

I love this theme! Wonderful entries!

steinschmuckdesign said...

Thank you all so much!
Lovely interesting creative Entrys,
looking forward for moor to come:)

Jane_Bo said...

Beautiful entries! Inger's shawl is amazing!

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Congrats Stein for winning the challenge and picking such a great theme!
How sweet of you to host this challenge in your blog, Rita!
I love all the entries so far! :)

Paperfection said...

Beautiful things!! Love the mystic eye choker especially!

ingermaaike said...

Thank you so very much for having been the technical host Rita.

The were great entries again and thank you Stein for choosing such a wonderful theme!