Excited About Narrowing Down My Focus

Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “when you are ready the teacher appears”

You most probably know this saying.

I experienced this again last week. :)

I don't remember how, but I landed in a webinar by Katharina Ferster and Christian Heinz.

It was just perfect for me, all interactive.

And the exercise we did during it, the result I got, and the excitement that I registered in my body about it was just amazing!

My fear of narrowing down my focus and message was just gone after months and even years of rebelling against that suggestion by so many other teachers!

So, from now on, I am focusing on helping people to understand and master mental health challenges, their own and of people around them.

It feels really good to narrow my scope down for the time being, which, for me, is a sign, that this is the right time and the right direction to move on.

I am closing pages and groups that were focusing on entrepreneurial and creative endeavors by the end of today on all platforms (another way of narrowing down my efforts).

One page and group on Facebook will stay on and have been renamed: Mental Health with Rita JC.

Another one will stay on as it is: Healing Art by Rita JC.

Please, follow me there, if it feels right for you. Or schedule a free private conversation to let me help you figure that out.

If these options don't excite you, just move into the direction that does and take my blessing with you

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