Tree blossoming

The tree blossoming season is my favorite time of the year. It is short and just over here. But it has been a really busy time for me with classes at school, my youngest son jumping on one leg for a month, an order for 20 flower wreaths, all the e-courses I'm in and the 29 faces challenge I managed to keep up. So I didn't find time and energy even to capture any of the blossoming trees with my camera, not to speak about drawig or painting any.

Yesterday, was the last school day here, and for the last couple of days my son has started to walk slowly :) YAY!
So today, I spent most of the day in my studio trying to put on paper my love for the amazing season of tree blossoming and the rich associations connected for me with that. And I had to notice one more time, that although I love to do abstract art and work quickly, I mostly end up spending hours and days working at one piece and creating something almost realistic :)

Can you believe, this (still not finished) ...
... started out like that? :)

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Gina said...

Gorgeous cherry blossom Rita...the stem looks so 3D! Beautiful! :D XXX