My Creative Space - Cards, Knitting & Mandalas

I don't know, how it happens, but I might be totally free and bored for the whole week, but, on Thursday, I get so busy, that I sometimes even forget about the Creative Space post, not to speak about time to make it. This time, I knew already, that Thursday will be a really busy day for me with 2 translations to be finished and delivered, 18 cards to be sent out to my swap partners and a sale in my supplies shop - to the customer, a birthday party at school in the afternoon, and whatever else might float my boat unexpected. So I prepared my post on Wednesday already and hoped, I can post and link it today. And it worked! YAY!

Last week end, my daughter in law visited us and my creative space for the first time. We spent some really good time together, and it made me really happy to hear, that my art has inspired her to start working at her final creations to graduate from the Academy of Arts.

As to my creative endeavors, I have finished the cards for the swap. No pictures, just a little teaser for now. This is, how they looked at some point in the process :)

I knitted a bit as well: a silk cap for myself

and a chunky one for my daughter

And I have started 3 mandalas inspired by a free class by Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal. At some point they looked like this

To see more creative spaces visit this site and have a blast!


Gina said...

WTG Rita!!!! Isn't it the most amazing feeling when an in-law thinks your work is great? :D...and to be the inspiration for her final piece! Wow that must feel good :D XXX

Sue Paine said...

Lovely Creative Space Rita:) Always nice to have lots of "avenues to explore"

Darcy said...

Beautiful mandalas and gorgeous knitting too. X

akatombo said...

Your creative space is so great! Love the knitting and mandalas too. I never have time to take a pic of my one (((

Nadia said...

You have been busy! Those hats are looking like they are coming along nicely too. Silk is such a gorgeous material to knit with.