My Creative Space - A Breakthrough

Last week, I was really busy with translation jobs until Monday afternoon, but, then, Tuesday happened, and made me take a pretty sharp turn back to my path as visual artist. For the last couple of months, I was pondering, how to use all my gifts and experience the best way to serve and fulfill my life's purpose in the next future. I have always known I am an artist, but I have so many other talents and such a rich human experience, that I could never stay "just" with the art. There are so many other things I have learned and shared with others and really enjoyed the process. I haven't even attended any art schools or courses off-line. So, for the past couple of weeks, I was even considering to give up on trying to develop myself as a selling artist and to start something new as a speaker, teacher, and facilitator. But, like I said, Tuesday happened :)

Firstly, I woke up knowing, what to do with 3 paintings I had been agonizing over for months.
This one could be finished.

It's hard to believe these are some of the phases it went through in the process :)
Secondly, my both youngest kids are showing interest in attending an art school for the last couple of weeks. So we gathered some information about the one next to us and, on Tuesday, I brought my son to what we thought would be a preparatory course for the entrance exams. It turned out to be an evening studio open to everybody. I felt a strong connection to the artist/art teacher Guntis Otaņķis right away, so I stayed as well :) Everybody was working at something different. As we had never met and he had never seen any of my works, Guntis gave me the task to draw some flowers "to see, if you are an impressionist, expressionist, romantic or something else". I sketched them, and, then, IT happened.  He said: "You are most definitely an artist."  And this must have been the first time I REALLY BELIEVED IT. (My eyes still get teary every time I think back to THAT MOMENT...) After 2 hours in a wonderful creative atmosphere the sheet looks like this.
It's far from a finished drawing, but that has never been the point of it, right? Guntis expects me back with my paints next time. I feel like the Universe has finally given me the answer to all the questions I struggled to find for 5 decades because of all the different talents and gifts I have. Or had I just refused to believe, what I have always known? Anyway, every piece seems to fall in place right now and I'm just over the moon! Everything feels so easy! Even my son is happy he can do this together with me, although he isn't even sure he wants to enter the art school next summer. And my daughter can't wait to join us :) It feels huge, almost unbelievable, but no doubt to be the right thing for the next future. I might still end up not earning most of my income selling my art, but I'm sure my place is in that evening studio at least for one more time :)

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Tee Thompson said...

ohhhhh you might belong in that studio for more than one more visit... have you considered going to school with your son?

Gina said...

Oh I an so happy for you Rita :D We all know you are an artist, but it is still hard to accept in this world of "proper jobs". I think your work is fabulous :D XXX

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Awesome! xodonna

Elaine Hansen said...

Rita - that is wonderful to hear. I'm so glad that no only your art teacher said you are an artist - BUT most importantly - YOU received it! That is huge.

My sister is very artistic in many ways - she gave herself the gift of a painting class - and eventhough the teacher invited to show her pieces in her gallery - my sister rejects the idea that she is a "real" artist and declined the offer.

When the Universe opens up for you - I say jump in!

KRISTINA said...

Congratulations, Rita! 'Discovering' what you had always felt inside, anyways. Sometimes external validation helps us realize what is true.

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

How wonderful ... and I'm loving your abstracts. I have been working in the same vein, for months, now. It is very freeing. I can see the emotion in your work. You are, without doubt, an artist. :)

Shannon Crandall said...

That is awesome and I know how good that feels when you get the validation you have been craving and needed to move forward. I think this is wonderful and I am so happy for you!

Colours and Textures said...

Sounds exciting!

nini said...

This is absolutely fabulous Rita! It's amazing when things like this happen and they give you energy for so long.

The first painting had quite a life before it was finished and I really like it. I also really like those flowers and I'm guessing you'll be painting them soon. Or should I say I hope you will :)

Paula said...

Great post-so happy that you had the "moment". Beautiful painting and oh, those flowers!
Keep it up!
Paula (RBBP Group)