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Last week was pretty much different form most of my weeks. The situation with the translation jobs didn't get better. But my oldest son sent us some money, so it will be easier to survive for some time. phew! :)
And we got to see the first two images of my super cute granddaughter. I have always had a soft spot for babies, but this little girl just stole my heart right away :) And I'm really thankful to her parents, who decided to have her, although their circumstances aren't easy at all right now.
On Tuesday, I visited my mom in the town, who had her name day, and could show her the first portraits of our little precious princess as well (she's reluctant to start using the computer by herself).

Last week was different in my studio as well: I haven been creative in a different way as on most weeks. I was and still am participating in 2 free video summits: The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit and The Foreignator Summit. Each day is packed full with great ideas for creative entrepreneurs, new contacts, and really great discussions. In addition, I bought the Kindle version of the book The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee and started to work through it, and this is, what I have created so far :)
(The drawings are not mine. Jennifer has prepared downloadable materials in addition to the book. I'm just trying to fill them in.)

Honestly speaking, I'm a bit stuck with it. Firstly, because I'm not sure, what kind of business I want to develop right now. And, secondly, because some of the most important assignments are connected with creating collages out of magazine images, and that is a huge challenge to me. I have never liked images in magazines, catalogues and junk mail because of the false and kind of plastic-y look of them. As they are used in many soul searching exercises, I decided to give them a serious try this time trusting my intuition in the process. Besides, I signed up for a Soulcollage course a couple of weeks ego, that works with those images as well. So, for the last couple of days, I'm thumbing through all kinds of commercial stuff and gathering images. And I have to say, I'm getting into it bit by bit and even starting to enjoy it. So, my pile of images is growing.

Today, I even managed to put together my first Soulcollage card and really liked the result :)

It is quite different for me to work at this side of my life than to create something art or crafts related, but I get so much encouragement and support from other entrepreneurs participating in the summits and have this deep feeling of the right moment for it (Mercury retrograde), that I'm working like mad and really pushing me forward. Today, I didn't even notice any afternoon energy drop and need for a nap or coffee. Thank goodness, it isn't recommended to make any decisions until the 13th of March. So I can really enjoy the process without feeling guilty for not making any decisions :)

And this is all she said :D

Excerpt for the usual ending:
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NatashaMay said...

Looks like you had a busy week. :) I's good you've still found a way to create.

Colours and Textures said...

Interesting post Rita x

Jann Parkes said...

Hi there Rita,
Your week has been really busy!
I hope the courses you are doing will give you all the inspiration and information that will enable you to go forward into whatever business venture you have in mind. I imagine that would involve your art/creative side???
All the very best with it and I'll be really interested in seeing the collages that you produce! xxx

Sarah Evans said...

I loved the summit too - there were so many gems of wisdom there. I think you're right - sometimes it's nice to dream and think and plan without needing to make a firm decision. Refreshing.

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity