Another Experiment - Eco Printing

A couple of days ago, one of the participants of the A Piece A Week challenge, showed us an image of her hand bound journal with eco-prints as covers. I had never heard of eco-printing, but being an eco freak I couldn't help but do some research, if and how I could try this method as well. After I stumbled upon these detailed instructions by Cassandra Tondro, my hands were aching to try it out. As usually, I didn't have more of the suggested supplies and tools than I did. Besides: after the long winter, we still don't have green grass not to speak about colorful leaves or flowers. But today, I found tiny spring flowers during my morning walk with the dog and just had to give this process a try. So I did, what I could with what I had :)

First, I tore some water color paper in smaller pieces using the suggested method: folding it back and forth and dampening the folds.

Then, I soaked the paper in warm water for more than an hours (honestly, I forgot about it).

After that, I arranged the tiny flowers and leaves on one of the pieces of paper (sorry, forgot to shoot a pic), covered it with another piece of paper, put a folded newspaper beneath and on top of the "sandwich" and ... ironed it for a while.

When I could not stand the suspension any more, I stopped ironing and opened the sandwich. Ta-dah! Behold my first ever eco-prints!

An additional plus from the ironing: the prints are almost dry by the end of the process. A minus: need to clean the iron of the black newspaper ink now. Next time, I will put a piece of paper towel on top of the stack :)

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Zoe Ford said...

They look great and what an interesting idea! Instead of newspaper you could use brown paper or printer paper so you don't get the ink on your iron. I might try this some day, thanks for the link (seen on Facebook).

mothertiger said...

Or maybe even a teatowel to protect you iron. A really cool idea and would probably work with pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing.

Coleen said...

Rita, that looks so easy and fun. I love doing nature things too. I sometimes incorporate dried flowers and leaves into my pieces. This turned out very nice.
Following on both your gadgets now.
Have a lovely day.
Hugs, Coleen in Ukraine