Why I dance Argentine Tango and recommend it to my clients?

Do you like dancing? Are you doing it regularly?

It can be a wonderful complex exercise, if you like moving to music.

It involves physical movement, coordination, balance, and the emotional component of letting music be expressed and visualized as movements of your body.

It always is the best to do the kind of work-out that you really like and are waiting for the next opportunity to do.

That means there is a great chance you will do it regularly and for a long period of time. And that is what you want, right?

With time, dancing can become much more than just a physical workout and have deeply spiritual and quite therapeutic effects.

Especially, if it is Argentine Tango. Even if it is not the deepest and most traditional one it can still be very beneficial for you.

In the deepest version, it unravels and puts you together at each tanda (a sequence of 4 tangos danced with one partner).

And it happens in an extremely close embrace with a person of the opposite sex.

In the best version, it is an improvisation moment by moment inspired by the emotional music of Argentine Tango, translated by the leader (man) and consummated by the follower (woman).

During a good tanda with the right partner, it can be a whole life lived in 10 to 15 minutes.

One of the crucial aspects is that the most important part of this conversation without words happens in the upper part of the body, on the level of heart, where the connection of the two bodies is the closest and most stable.

Argentine Tango is even used in the psychiatric practice and, in some psychiatric wards, tango classes are organized regularly.

I started learning and practicing Argentine Tango 11 years ago and was fortunate to learn from Chan Park and Ruben Terbalka.

For seven and a half years, after a relationship, that didn't work out, I lived without this practice.

But, exactly one year ago, I started missing the deep experience again and was happy to find the traditional Argentine Tango still alive in my town.

Now, I am participating in a milonga every Thursday.

1. provides me with a complex physical exercise to a very emotional music,
2. meets my needs for belonging, intimacy, and physical contact (with the opposite sex),
3. meets my spiritual need for deep moment by moment meditation witnessed and stimulated by another human being.

Once a month, together with friends, I go to another town to deepen the experience with complete strangers.

But they don't stay strangers for long as such a deep experience builds wonderful mature friendships.

Are you interested and want to know more about this practice?

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