3 Myths About Your Body Busted

Myth #1: My body is a solid object existing in the borders seen with my physical eyes.

First of all, is there anything as we see it with our physical eyes? (Technically, we even see more with our brain than with our eyes, but that's a topic for another time.)

You might remember from basic school physics that science postulates that every "object" consists of particles that we call atoms.

And that every atom consists of a nucleus and electrons spinning around it. And that more than 99.94% of what we call the atom's mass is in the nucleus.

The electrons are pure energy spinning around the nucleus at such a distance that, f.i, if you put a golf ball in the middle of a soccer field and include the parking, you get an atom.

So, every particle our bodies consists of is physically speaking empty space and energy moving in it in a particular way.

Myth #2: A particular diet, medication, exercise etc. works the same for all human bodies.

Is it really believable that there is, ever has been, or ever will be another body exactly the same as mine?

There is no doubt that there are some basic features common to all what we call human bodies. They allow us to see them as such and to distinguish them from other bodies. But that's about it.

So, it's only logical, that there is no medication, no procedure, no food, no exercise that impacts all human bodies the same way. Each of them is unique and requires unique care.

And not only that. Our bodies are changing all the time. Cells are constantly dying and being replaced with others. The body I go to sleep with is never the same I wake up with.

So, the effect some food or medication has on my body today can be quite different from the one it had a month or a year ago.

Myth #3: Diet and exercise are the most important factors ensuring the well being of my body.

What we put in our bodies and how much and in what way we exercise them is extremely important. There is no doubt about that.

But have you ever observed people who are thriving even though they are eating mostly junk-food or not exercising at all?

Or somebody who is trying to live and eat as healthy as possible but getting sick all the time or battling nasty chronic illnesses?

Have you ever heard of the placebo or nocebo effect?

It turns out that what we think, believe, expect, and, especially, feel, impacts our bodies much more than what we physically put into them or how much and in which way we move them.

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