A PIECE A WEEK - January 1 - 7

That moment has come:
the year long challenge
A Piece A Week
starts now!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone!

The idea is to inspire each other and to keep ourselves accountable to finish at least one piece of art/crafts each week of 2013 and to develop a habit of blogging regularly. That would be the "curriculum maximum" so to say. But many of us aren't full time artists or crafters (yet?) and/or have families to care for, so it's up to you to participate as much or less, as it's the best for you. Even a stitch or a brush stroke now and than counts, if that's all you can carve out in our busy life.

Feel free to join the respective closed groups on Facebook and Flick and to add your name and a link to the A Piece A Week post on your blog for the respective week to the link pool. Please, only posts about your experience with this challenge and one post from person/blog per week! If you create more than one respective blog post, you can add another link to the same pool, as it will stay open for the whole week, but, please, delete the one you added earlier the same week first. And don't forget to tag your respective posts with apieceaweek, so your blog visitors can see all those posts at once.

I'm still struggling with the badge code, so, if you would like to add it to your blog to spread the inspiration, please, feel free to save the image to your computer, and to add it to your side bar with this link: http://alatvianrita.blogspot.com/search/label/apieceaweek

Everybody is welcome,
but only with posts related to this challenge!


Gina said...

Will be back soon :D XXX

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Way to go! Enjoy. Happy New Year - a great way to begin. xoDonna

Debs said...

This is sooo exciting.. I am thrilled to be part of it! Many Thanks Rita! x

suzi poland said...

Many thanks so setting all this up. I really appreciate your efforts and wish you a very Happy and Creative 2013!

Kyra said...

I'll check this out! It was already a promise to complete a pieve a week for 2013 for myself, so this works in nicely!