All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost - J.R.R. Tolkien

It's summer in the North hemisphere, usually - a pretty slow time in the usual meeting places. So I decided to invite guest posters to my blog, to add some fun here :)

Meet the first one of them: Meg from Wonderland!

I wonder and I wander.
And I wondered while wandering... if I was the only one.
That couldn't be right, there most be more people out there like me. Who want to create with a SOUL-purpose.

So I looked and I found them here and there shouting quietly with their pens and paint brushes.

Shouldn't there be a place where we could all be together, to connect, to not feel so alone.

But I didn't find this place.... what other choice did I have but to create it.

And WONDERLAND was born.

And I waited, and waited and only a few people came, like sitting at the biggest Tea Party expecting hundreds of people and only a handful showing up.

So I put this little dream in my back pocket too delicate to let out, to be disappointed about.

Then, after losing so much in my life, death of a friend, loss of job, loss of my mans job, no money, no prospects and nothing left in the void but fear. I tried again.

And they came.....and I cried... I still break down into to tears over the beauty of all of it.

And we are all Wonderers and Wanderers who can be together and not feel so all alone. We can meet and support and collaborate in WONDERLAND.
....and I am happy.

Meg Boone is an Artist, creator, Creative Coun-SOUL-er and Happiness Instigator. You can find her playing in WONDERLAND most days or on her site, instigating happiness.

If you think you'd like to join her in WONDERLAND (along with me) check out this special Very UN-BIRTHDAY Sale to get a years subscription to WONDERLAND for only $33.33 (hurry though only 18 spots are left at this price).

Remember: Not all those who wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien


mythicDrumGirl said...

Love being a part of Wonderland! xoxo!

Thank you Meg.


Zena said...

Beautiful post, I will visit her in Wonderland. Thanks!