My New Life Begins

After listening to this recording with Jim Rohn I realized, what I have been doing at least for the last couple of decades: creating the final part of this lifetime that might bear the title "My Poor Old Age".

And I have been extremely successful at that.

Sitting with that recording, I decided to choose a different story for the coming years of this life.

I am not really sure about the title yet, but the direction is clear for me: a prosperous and deeply satisfying last part of this lifetime for myself and the world a better place for the generations to come.

The first step that I took was jointing a unique certification course at the Entrepreneur Institute and making the first of  the 12 payments for it.

It started today and is resonating completely with my longing to organically combine deep spirituality with successful entrepreneurship.

I still have more than 2 weeks to experience it and to drop out if it doesn't feel right to stay.

But, for now, I am expecting it to work and bring desired changes into my experience.

And make the whole world a more harmonious and enjoyable place by the ripple effects of that.

Since the beginning of the year, the main focus of my journey has been on the transformation of my relationship with money and business.

Lots of old wounds and beliefs have been making this relationship a constant battle field and roller coaster for decades.

Lots have healed and transformed already during these past 6 months.

Now, it feels like I have stepped into a parallel universe with a very different me and circumstances I create.

Feels rather scary but very exciting at the same time. And I'm really curious about what comes next.

Five days ago I purchased 2 new domain names, paid for one year of website hosting, and engaged my youngest son in creating a new blog for me.

As soon as it is active, I will invite you to follow me over there and become part of my journey into this new expansion of consciousness.

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