How to Believe on Demand

Do you know what you want to experience in the future?

How sure are you on the scale of 1 to 10 that it will come true?

Is it hard to believe that nice things that you want will happen to you?

I know where you are. Been there, done that, and bought a bunch T-shirts.

For a very long time, I could not understand how people can believe something on demand.

I could believe what seemed believable and only hope what seemed less believable even on a good day.

But even the Bible seemed to suggest that we can ask for what we want and receive it IF WE BELIEVE IT (Mt. 8, 5-13; Lk 18, 1-8; Jm 13-18 etc.).

Not to speak about all the Law of Attraction teachings.

In the 40 years of my spiritual quest, I had come far, even experienced more than one personal Christ revelation, but believing that I will experience what I want was still a closed chest.

And then, it just sprung open: a friend mentioned Neville Goddard, I googled him, started reading, and BAM! I knew how to believe and consciously create my future!

It turned out believing is FEELING as if the desire HAS BEEN FULFILLED already.
And there is no doubt I can do that. :)

Now, I am enjoying consciously creating all kinds of experiences for myself and others more and more easily and naturally.

And having so much fun with it!

And helping others to learn that, too!

I have created two Facebook groups for that: Success Without Stress With Rita JC and Optimal Health With Rita JC .

Feel free to join us according to what you want to change now: you financial situation or your health.

Or schedule a FREE chat with me here and let's talk!

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