The Key To Any Desired Change In Your Life

In my experience of almost 60 years, I have discovered, that there is one key to every conscious change in our lives: the conscious manifesting of the desired experience.

Until we master how to assume the inner state of being the person which is having the desired experience or already had it, any change and improvement is a struggle.

As long as I continue believing and feeling as the person who is trying to bring that change about, I cement that experience and perpetuate it.

It turns out, every experience comes from our (often unconscious) self-suggestions.

So, I go into a meditative state, connect to my true timeless and formless nature, get clear about my heart's desire, then imagine myself in the future.

What would I feel, think, and do, if my wish would have been fulfilled already?

As soon, as this state completely occupies my consciousness it is done.

The rest happens as if by itself: motivation is there, opportunities appear, resonating suggestions are heard etc. etc.

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