Our Only True Desire

How do we actually know what our real desires are?

We want to feel good. Period.

No matter what else we think or believe that we want or don't want, by the end of the day, we just want to experience a pleasurable feeling in our body.

And it is an absolutely legitimate desire that every organism on this planet has consciously or unconsciously.

Even if we are not aware of this mostly we want something because we believe it will make us feel good.

Or we want some circumstance to change "for better". How do we know it will be better? We (often unconsciously) believe that the result of the changes we desire will make us feel good.

But where does this belief come from? Especially, if we never were in those new circumstances we desire to be in?

We imagine the ideal situation around it and get a glimpse of that good feeling in our gut we believe it would give us.

This is how our imagination, believed assumptions, and gut feeling are telling us what we want and what we don't.

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