Doorway To Destiny

"If you are approaching this life-altering portal with nothing but your authentic Self in tow, then you are ready to open to everything that your soul Self desires to create and experience in this new world we are being born into.  If you have been reduced to your lowest common denominator, purified to the perfection of your own LOVE, then you are readying to turn inside out…to bring your LOVE on the road, and share it with the world.
Don’t worry if you have no idea what that looks like…in fact, that’s your best case scenario.  This gateway requires an enormous amount of trust but it isn’t something that you, or I, or any of us can screw up. There is nothing left to do but stand in the utmost faith of our higher power.  The watered down truth is that we are emerging in a reality where our LOVE leads, where our divinity guides, where our purified resonance rules.  What this will look like may seem unimaginable in this moment, but the truth is that on the highest level we have already created it. Now we get to experience it in form."
And it really resonates with the feeling I have about this time. How about you?


Many Birds With One Shut

For the last week or so, I was feeling pretty frustrated because I seemingly couldn't hold back from having snacks almost all day long, especially - in the evenings. And it went from healthy to much less healthy very fast.

And another development I was puzzled about was me not drinking enough water in spite of my knowledge about it's benefits to the body and the symptoms of dehydration I recognized.

I asked my nervous system, what it's about, why is it happening. The first answer was: "You need to eat to become big and strong."

Then, we had a chat, and the system seemed to get that the world is different know, and that I have another kind of strength enough to manage my life.

But I felt that there was something else to it. Until it came during a silent meditation: it was about guilt.

The mind was quick with the "knowledge", that it was a "try to dampen the guilt I felt about my decisions that brought about the death of pets that were under my control".

But, when I looked deeper, I saw that this emotional, addictive eating was intensifying the feeling of guilt to bring it to my attention.

Because, after another unhealthy snack, I felt guilty for the damage that I caused to my body and the money I spent for it. Although I was seemingly powerless against that impulse.

Sitting in the silence, I realized, that my system was practically punishing itself for those decisions.

And, very soon, there came a reminder from the depth of my heart: those beings were supposed to be set free from their bodies at that exact moment in that exact way, and I was there to make those "decisions", because I was the one capable of that.

That lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

The cravings haven't stopped, because the system always needs time to change it's assumptions and adjust to the heart's knowledge. And, sometimes, I still have some not so healthy snack.

But I'm not angry at the system any more. And I don't feel guilt about it. (Maybe a little bit.) Because I have decided to welcome those cravings and to use them as reminders to drink water. Feeling really good about that. :)

Post Scriptum

Remember my big decision?

Two days went by and I caught myself adding paint to a page in my journal and having fun. :)

And my daughter asked me to repair her friend's bracelet. :)

It all feels different than before the decision though.

Putting away all those supplies and tools might have helped the system to really get it that there are no more "should's" sucking all pleasure out of it.

I'm still not returning to any art groups or watching art/crafts videos.

And I'm consciously holding me back from photography, as I really see and experience much more, when I don't try to snatch a shot to share.


Big Decision

This is not the first time, that I thought about consciously quitting all things visual arts and crafts at least for a while.

Actually, during the last couple of years, I haven't done much in that direction. And even when I did it, mostly, felt like pushing a huge stone up a hill just to see it roll back again. There was no joy, no energy, no flow in it.

The only motivation was the thought, that I "should" do it because I can due to my talents and skills. The thing is, I have a s***load of them. Except for one: making money with it.

After I got that wonderful transcription job I was over the moon. There is no deadline and the amount is huge, and I'm eager to do it and to learn from it on the way. But, somehow, I could never find more time nor energy to do it for much more than one hour a day.

Although I wasn't doing any arts or crafts either. That made me pretty frustrated. I even asked GP Walsh, if he had an explanation, what this could be about.

He wrote in the answer:
"No explanation, Just let it unfold. Often times there are things that interfere with our growth. Resistance takes many many forms. Don't be concerned. Just allow it to be there and stay aware."

And so I did, but the overall feeling was not pleasant at all. And it all circled around that thought, that I should use all my talents to support my family, although arts, crafts, or even any of my businesses have never been capable of doing that on a serious scale and for longer time. Believe it or not, it has always been only at the very beginning of a new thing I started, when it actually worked.

So, today, I deleted my art page and my crafts page on Facebook, my accounts at, and, left most art/crafts related groups there and decided to stop watching/reading/listening to any materials about arts, crafts and business building.

All webinar notes on those themes will go to a recycle bin as well. I'm still leaving my destash shop on Etsy open until the last listings expire as well as my jewelry and accessories in a shop in the town. 

I have still to decide what I do with the bead weaving classes I just started to teach. Might still continue doing that for a while. But all the arts/crafts tools and supplies I don't need for that will be put away.

Getting rid of them permanently isn't an option right now, because my son is in art school and my daughter is learning to become a dressing style consultant, so they might need them at some point. Besides, I never said I would never go back to visual art/crafts, right?

I'm still reluctant of giving up photography and the last art related group on Facebook for the time being as well. But feeling deep in my gut that I must.

For now, I'm just following my curiosity, as Elizabeth Gilbert suggested.

And feeling light like a feather again. :)

Update: Left the photography and the last group as well. :)


Spring Is Here For Real I Guess ...

Plants are starting to grow in the field again.

A couple of days ago, I found the first blooming snowdrop.

This morning, the sky looked like this.

Birds are chirping louder and louder.

We just got a hail storm.

So, spring is here for real I guess. :)

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Good Suggestions

Yesterday, I watched a couple of art videos and had to think about this.

There is this saying:
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions".
I would add:
"And, even more, with good suggestions". :)

How often do we hear, read, or watch a video with great suggestions for our health or creativity, then, have all the best intentions to follow them, but don't do that?

And, in addition, we feel bad about not doing it. Right?

Any experience with stopping this vicious circle?
No suggestions, please! :)

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A Huge A-ha Moment

For some time already, I have stopped to identify with painful emotions and am using a couple of simple, but effective techniques not to get stuck with them but letting them flow (The Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, Inner Reconciliation, The Work etc.)

Lately, triggered by an episode of addictive behavior and the call for local artists to submit works to the yearly show as well as The 100 Artworks Challenge by Kellee Wynne Conrad, I was following the suggestion of Echhart Tolle to stay with the emotions that I'm feeling before indulging in addictive "coping mechanisms", to explore them.

And, only an hour ago, I realized that I have never tried to apply those techniques to boredom and abulia. Don't know, why that took me so long, but I'm over the Moon that I discovered this fact at least today. I'm sure it will change the rest of my life. :)

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A New Look At Jesus

Sorting out my stash before the move, I found a little book called "365 Laimes zibšņi" (365 Flashes of Happiness). It's a compilation of  quotes - one for each day.

This year, I started to use those as prompts for my daily reading, research, pondering, and writing.

And I'm amazed about the many personalities that I didn't know anything or very little about (most of them passed away already) and happy to get to know them and their work more or at least a bit.

Today, I "made an acquaintance" with Eric Butterworth, among other amazing things, the author of "Discover the Power Within You" (first time published in the sixties, when I was a school girl behind the "steel curtain") and "Spiritual Economics".

Right now, I'm reading his article "A New Look At Jesus" and am really amazed how much his view resonates with they way I currently see "the most important individual figure in the history of the world".

"How many times have you heard or read or perhaps seen scrawled in public places, the words from John 3:16: "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"? That seems to imply that we should believe on the son, and it is understandable to assume that it means Jesus. Here is what Meister Eckhart, a medieval monk, who was a delightful person and a tremendous philosopher, said of this passage: "God never begot but one son, but the Eternal is forever begetting the only begotten." The "only begotten son," as he puts it, is that which is begotten only of God; this refers to that of man, that of you and me, which is not human, not of the world, that does not come from a certain heredity or environment. It refers to that of us, which also means that of you, that is the pure creation of God. It is our unitive relationship with God. It is that of us which is forever at one [with God], forever God's Child, forever God expressing through us, even beyond the seeming limitations of life. When we believe on this innate unity, this innate Divine Potential, then he shall not die, "but have everlasting life.""

Read the whole article here.

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New Sketches

There are a couple of new sketches in my journal. :)

To see more of inspiring creativity jump over to this site:

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Spring Is Here

Normally, February would be the coldest month of the year here in Latvia.

But this year, winter has been really short and mild and meteorologists say that the average day temperature is constantly staying above the freezing point.

They say the snowdrops are blooming at some places. Haven't seen any myself yet, but the willows show pretty big catkins already.

So, yes, spring must be here. YAY!!!

How is it where you are?