The Missing Part of Law Of Attraction

Since I know about the Law Of Attraction, I have been trying to understand and use it.

But there has always been some resistance in my system to all the need to know what I want to attract.

Even more so after I lost all doubts about Who I Really Am - Life, Love, Abundance etc. - which means to me that I don't need to attract anything, because I am everything already.

Lately, I have experienced some major breakthroughs in really understanding how the LOA works.

And this audio with Neal Donald Walsch has helped me immensely.

I really hope it helps you too.

If you still have questions and struggles I would be more than happy to help you to move forward on your path.

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How to enjoy making decisions?

Decision making has always meant some level of fear to me. The more important the decision, the more intense the fear.

Even after knowing deeply that there is not such thing as ultimate mistakes, that everything is just a part of the journey for me and for everybody involved, it didn't get much easier.

And, after making a decision, there was always some fear that it was the "wrong" one.

I know now that it comes from the conditioning deeply ingrained in my nervous system, that "mistakes" are real and their consequences - painful.

What else could it learn growing up as a child who wanted nothing more than make everybody around it happy but never succeeded completely?

It has taken me decades, first, to discover this conditioning, then, to accept it for what it was: the instinct of self-preservation of the body/person, and, then, many sessions of Inner Reconciliation to help the nervous system to unlearn the conditioning.

Lately, I am asking: "What is Love wanting to do through me now?" again and again, moment by moment.

And feeling/hearing the answer much clearer than before.

Especially, since I am paying attention to if it feels loving to my body/person, when I do something "for others".

So, some fear is still there, especially, with "bigger decisions" and as long as I am still living together with my two younger kids.

But paying attention to feelings and sensations in my body, questioning the beliefs behind them (which is what Love often wants to do through me) let's my nervous system relax and even enjoy the process of making decisions.

And helping others to do the same and seeing how it works for them creates even more joy in my experience.

I would love to help you, too. Schedule a FREE session with me to see, if I can. :)


New Blessings for Your Home

Are you longing for new blessings to enter your home around the time of this Equinox? Oh, yes! I can feel it from here.

And I want to help you with that.

This weekend, I am hosting an inspired event, the "Pre-Equinox Full Moon Sale of Canneled Paintings " on my brand new Facebook page Channeled Art by Rita JC.

Each day, the prices will rise. So, if any of the paintings want to move to your home to spred its blessings, don't hesitate. Put SOLD in the comments and I will come back to you with the details ASAP. 6 of them are gone already. :)



Why Is Manifesting Such A Struggle For Me?

Have you known about the Law Of Attraction for some time already?

Have you listened to audios with Abraham-Hicks and other teachers of it, read books, and maybe even participated in some courses to make use of it in your life?

And the more you tried the more frustrated you got?

Until even knowing what you want became a struggle?

Yeah, I hear you loud and clear. Because that's what happened with me as well. :)

Yesterday, I watched this video by one of my teacher.

And realized, that GP Walsh formulated precisely, what I was missing in all the Law of Attraction teachings I had listened to so far (and believe me it's a huge lot):

"What we really want to manifest, is the desire to be content, to be happy, to be free, to be safe, and to be connected.

And to feel, that that is the truth for everyone, that nobody is excluded from this great Universal Benevolence.

This is what we really want."

This is, what I was missing: the certainty that what I want and manifest is serving all of creation.

Like St. Augustine said: "Love and do what you want." But why is it such a struggle? Because of unconscous limiting beliefs blocking the Source of Love and Happiness in us.

As a certified Inner Reconciliation coach, I help people to discover and dissolve those beliefs, and to free the Source/God energy inside them for unlimited unapologetic happiness.

I have a couple of free spots on my schedule here. Take one and let's look at our options. :)


The Right Question

There is a situation around my seventeen years old daughter right now: she's alone outside the country without a return ticket and having a slight health issue.

She's a smart young woman and I'm sure she's handling it. I support her as much as I can from here, more precisely - as much as she lets me.

I don't think or worry much about it, as I know, that my worries would help neither her, nor me.

But every morning, before I'm completely awake, I start seeing horror movies in my imagination about me "losing her".

The emotions I'm experiencing feel like foreigners in my body, because I don't even believe in the possibility of actually having and losing somebody or something any more.

This morning, I even started crying because of the intense feeling of fear and powerlessness.

So, I sat with that energy, showed my understanding and compassion towards it, thanked it for making me a good mom and putting her needs before my own day in and day out all these years, while tapping on my collarbone.

I tried to help that energy to understand, that I don't "have" my daughter , so, it's impossible to "lose" her, that this irrational fear is not helping anybody in the current situation. That didn't change much.

But then, I had a slight hunch, that it's not "my" energy, that it just showed up in my body because it is stuck and needs my help.

So, still crying, I asked the energy: "Dear friend, would you be willing to return into the flow?"

And got the answer: "With pleasure!"

Poof! All the intense irrational feelings were gone. I could dry off my tears and start my day.

Are you feeling overwhelming emotions and feeling stuck in them?

Would you like to enjoy your life with more freedom, power and joy?

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A Way To Find Your Innate Joy

Today, somebody shared a link to this post by Shenee Howard on Facebook.

"It didn't matter how much I accomplished or how much I did, the year was never enough for me. I had to do more, more, more. The work I did was NEVER good enough..."

Sounds familiar?

You can visit Shenee's website and read the whole article. It's short, but Shenee really nailed it!

Stopping only for a minute and listening to her advice might help you find your innate joy and finish off this year and start the next on a much happier note.

Got a comment or question? Write it in the comments below, in or privately: (yes, lv, because I'm in Latvia) or schedule a session with me.


Stop Dreaming!

Today, I stumbled upon this article by Grant Andrew and couldn't help but share it.

Because I could sign it with my name.

And maybe add, that by living your life one step at a time you can and will find your natural joyfulness again.

So, enjoy the article and share how you feel about it in the comments below or in a private conversation.

Let's Dance! Shall We?

Yesterday, a friend mentioned Goa Trance to me.

Checking it out I remembered how much I actually liked to dance and that I haven't done it for some time.

So, this was my choice for this morning. :)


The Fear Of Growth

(Image courtesy

Last week, I stumbled upon this article by Ravi Mattu from

It touches one of the fears entrepreneurs experience, when starting out:

What if the business grows (and I kind of want that) too fast?
Ravi Mattu words it like this:

"Setting up a company is hard. You need to come up with a business plan, find investment, sort out legal and regulatory issues and then find enough customers or clients to pay the bills. And that is just the start.

But what happens when a company grows? It requires more structure and processes, making it harder to remain nimble and innovative. This is especially the case in the internet age, when companies can scale up so quickly that it is hard to manage the process."

Experts suggest keeping a business as small as possible as long as it goes. Ravi Mattu shares their insights as well as a couple of case studies, how successful large companies manage their growth to stay innovative and flexible. Continue reading here.

Now, you have some knowledge about how to handle the potential growth of your business. And I hope this makes your fear around it less intense.

If it is still substantial and holding you back from even creating your new business, please, don't hesitate to schedule a free call with me here to deal with it.

The Easy Way To Get Things Done and To Find New Clients

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