How To Know When Your Creative Work Is Finished?

In a community I joined recently, somebody made this post in the Writers group:

"How do you know when you're "done" with editing and it's time to release your book (whatever writing form) out into the wilds?
I've been in the editing mode for... oh about two years now... but I'm beginning to suspect it's just an excuse to not actually publish because I'm terrified. I personally think it sucks and I am also super sensitive to negative criticism (and I know this is part of the realm too). I can be "done" by the end of the year (going through last edits for corrections) but I keep finding places where I could tweak this word, or that word... they aren't really corrections like spelling or grammar or punctuation or format. Again, maybe they are just delay tactics?
How do you decide when your work is "done"?"

And this was my answer:

"Yes, this most definitely is an issue for many, especially - the ones with less self-confidence. And, for decades, was part of my daily struggle as well.
I remember my DIL shared with me what one of her art professors taught her:
"An artwork (and a book or actually any text or creation can be included, right?) is never actually finished. At any moment, you can pick it up and change it a bit again."

The stories that we tell ourselves about wanting to create something if not perfect then at least decent/good enough, are just that: stories.

Our real struggle is with our identity, with who we believe we are, what we are capable of, and how much power over our feelings and identity we give away to "others".

But what if we are the ones creating all our future experiences (including the reactions of others to our creative work) by our (often unconscious) beliefs and expectations?

If that's the case (and it is) we can decide who we really want to be in the future (loving, serving creative people with appreciative following, f.i.) and live from that new identity.

Then, and only then, we are able to follow our intuition that knows for sure when to stop tweaking our work (and making it all about us) and releasing it into the loving hands and hearts of the ones praying for it to become part of their experience.

I discovered this only about half a year ago and am still learning, how not to spend too much time and energy in the old identity created by my old beliefs, but I'm getting there.

And life is much more enjoyable and easy not only for me, but for everybody around me already. So, I know from experience, it works and it can be learned as any other skill."

Any questions? Just ask! I would be more than happy to answer.
(Image: Artist Elizabeth Murray in her Manhattan studio)


The Key To Any Desired Change In Your Life

In my experience of almost 60 years, I have discovered, that there is one key to every conscious change in our lives: the conscious manifesting of the desired experience.

Until we master how to assume the inner state of being the person which is having the desired experience or already had it, any change and improvement is a struggle.

As long as I continue believing and feeling as the person who is trying to bring that change about, I cement that experience and perpetuate it.

It turns out, every experience comes from our (often unconscious) self-suggestions.

So, I go into a meditative state, connect to my true timeless and formless nature, get clear about my heart's desire, then imagine myself in the future.

What would I feel, think, and do, if my wish would have been fulfilled already?

As soon, as this state completely occupies my consciousness it is done.

The rest happens as if by itself: motivation is there, opportunities appear, resonating suggestions are heard etc. etc.

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Our Only True Desire

How do we actually know what our real desires are?

We want to feel good. Period.

No matter what else we think or believe that we want or don't want, by the end of the day, we just want to experience a pleasurable feeling in our body.

And it is an absolutely legitimate desire that every organism on this planet has consciously or unconsciously.

Even if we are not aware of this mostly we want something because we believe it will make us feel good.

Or we want some circumstance to change "for better". How do we know it will be better? We (often unconsciously) believe that the result of the changes we desire will make us feel good.

But where does this belief come from? Especially, if we never were in those new circumstances we desire to be in?

We imagine the ideal situation around it and get a glimpse of that good feeling in our gut we believe it would give us.

This is how our imagination, believed assumptions, and gut feeling are telling us what we want and what we don't.

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The Power Of Our Imagination

Right now, I am working on a translation of the book "The Power Of Awareness" by Neville Goddard.
In Chapter VII, there is this simple but very helpful story:
"One day, a costume designer described to me her difficulties in working with a prominent theatrical producer. She was convinced that he unjustly criticized and rejected her best work and that often he was deliberately rude and unfair to her.
Upon hearing her story, I explained that if she found the other rude and unfair, it was a sure sign that she, herself, was wanting and that it was not the producer, but herself that was in need of a new attitude.
I told her that the power of this law of assumption and its practical application could be discovered only through experience, and that only by assuming that the situation was already what she wanted it to be could she prove that she could bring about the change desired.
Her employer was merely bearing witness, telling her by his behavior what her concept of him was.
I suggested that it was quite probable that she was carrying on conversations with him in her mind which were filled with criticism and recriminations.
There was no doubt but that she was mentally arguing with the producer, for others only echo that which we whisper to them in secret.
I asked her if it was not true that she talked to him mentally, and, if so, what those conversations were like.
She confessed that every morning on her way to the theatre she told him just what she thought of him in a way she would never have dared address him in person. The intensity and force of her mental arguments with him automatically established his behavior towards her.
She began to realize that all of us carry on mental conversations, but, unfortunately, on most occasions, these conversations are argumentative... that we have only to observe the passerby on the street to prove this assertion... that so many people are mentally engrossed in conversation and few appear to be happy about it, but the very intensity of their feeling must lead them quickly to the unpleasant incident they themselves have mentally created and therefore must now encounter.
When she realized what she had been doing, she agreed to change her attitude and to live this law faithfully by assuming that her job was highly satisfactory and her relationship with the producer was a very happy one. To do this, she agreed that, before going to sleep at night, on her way to work, and at other intervals during the day, she would imagine that he had congratulated her on her fine designs and that she, in turn, had thanked him for his praise and kindness.
To her great delight, she soon discovered for herself that her own attitude was the cause of all that befell her.
The behavior of her employer miraculously reversed itself. His attitude, echoing as it had always done, that which she had assumed, now reflected her changed concept of him.
What she did was by the power of her imagination.
Her persistent assumption influenced his behavior and determined his attitude toward her.
With the passport of desire on the wings of a controlled imagination, she traveled into the future of her own predetermined experience.
Thus we see it is not facts, but that which we create in our imagination, which shapes our lives, for most of the conflicts of the day are due to the want of a little imagination to cast the beam out of our own eye."
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Money Never Was A Big Deal

Money is not a big deal. Never was.

When it's there, good. When it's not there, no big deal.

We can always find ways to survive and even thrive.

Recently, I spent a week with 0 money in my bank account and 0 money in my purse, with no certainty that large sums are on the way.

My discoveries:

1. I am a really resourceful housekeeper and cook (All 5 of us (I, my 2 youngest kids, and 2 pets) got well fed every day even though I never make and keep big stash of food. There was even some of it still left before I went shopping after a week of abstinence.)

2. I didn't feel as desperate as I was always afraid I would.

3. 0 money made our life even simpler and easier, because I didn't need to do shopping and figure out what exactly to buy.

 4. The whole way I experience spending money changed after this one week completely. Now, I can truly enjoy it even though I hated it before.

5. I realized money has no value apart from the one we assign to it. So, yesterday, I stopped treating it as my god, measuring it, paying much more attention to it as it deserves which I have been doing at least for 4 decades. Feels so great, deliberating, and empowering!

There is one thing that had prepared me for this experience though.

Since the beginning of 2017, the old ways of dealing with business, future, and, yes, money, stopped working for me completely.

Pretty soon, it was crystal clear to me, that these are the last 3 pillars of fear and scarcity mindset that are ready to be exchange with Truth in my human experience.

It took me more than 1/2 a year on top of more than 4 decades of being on the guest for Truth already and I got lots of help (will share about that in other articles), but I am an absolutely different expression of the Source now as I was at the beginning of the year.

Roger Hamilton says: "Wealth isn't how much money you have. Wealth is what you're left with if you lose all your money."

During that week, I discovered experientially that money is neither the problem nor the solutions. What we believe about it is.

Now, each moment is filled with joy, appreciation, and overflowing love, to everything and everybody, which is not new for me.

But, now, it includes this human person you call Rita, business, future, and money as well.

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The Merry Writing Group on Facebook

Last Saturday, a new friend mentioned the book "Key Person of Influence" by Daniel Priestley. I googled it right away, found it for free as a pdf, downloaded and started reading. Half way through, it all still resonates with me 100%.

Yesterday, a phrase from Daniel's text struck dead the last argument of my mind against me juts sitting down, writing, and publishing that damn peace stuck in my creative birth canal for much too long, with some parts of it hanging out already in form of blog posts and Word files on my computer.

So, this is the post I made on Facebook:

"Have you ever considered writing a book? I have, for years and decades actually. Just read theses words by Daniel Priestly: "In the process of writing all those words you will clarify your thinking, refine your ideas and generate intellectual property." The last part is something I never thought about. But it's so obvious, isn't it? So, I'm absolutely committed to start working on my first book right away.
Are you with me?"

Today, I created a new group for that over there: Merry Writing with Rita JC :)

It feels absolutely merry and effortless. Peaces are falling into place, I am remembering tools and info that I have gathered over the years, even the name of the group came to me effortlessly during a walk with my dog. :)

So, another exciting thing is happening in my life!

Feel free to join the fun if you like! But hurry up! It's free only for the first 20 members ;)


The Story Of A Cold

It came as an absolute surprise.

Actually it didn't.

For a couple of weeks already, the virus was signaling its presence around me.

On Friday, I had a free public coaching session with a coach that I would hire on the spot, if I would only have the money to pay her. During the session, the theme of sickness came up as a basic fear in the system.

On Saturday, I was braving and participating in a local event for entrepreneurs and felt really great about it. On Sunday, I woke up with a head cold. I was actually happy to have it, because that meant that my body is fighting a potential killer. I was not resisting it, but I was using Greg's Good Day Method every night and every morning and was pretty sure that it will not last longer than a day or two. That's how it has been for the last couple of years for me. In the evening, I even got some fever and was even more happy, because that meant that the immune system was speeding up the healing process.

On Wednesday, I felt good enough to attend an even bigger and fancier local event for entrepreneurs. After the event, I went to my daughter's school to get the paperwork done in order for her to receive a bit more pocket money for the next two months. It ended well, but the process was not very smooth and I started feeling that something was off with it. Afterwards, I met my daughter and we drove home on a bus together. A couple of times she told me to stop talking about money. And I was thankful to her for that, because I didn't like what I was doing myself. I wasn't talking about money. I was talking about how poor I am.

That night, I woke up with a nasty cough and couldn't get back to sleep for 3 hours.

The next morning though, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go to the town to finalize the paperwork (next week, it would be too late and my daughter would need to wait for the money to come in for another months) and to visit another establishment to file a case against an agency that owes me money for translation jobs finished months ago.

I didn't feel well and the question popped into my attention field: "Would you do any of this, if you would be rich?" My honest answer was: "No, at least not today. But ... my bank account says that I am not rich and that I need to fight for those tiny sums of money today."

So, off I went. Feeling crappy, but happy that I still can move and that the weather is gorgeous.

The establishment couldn't help me because of the character of my agreement with the agency. The only solution left for me would be going to court with it.

At my daughter's school, it didn't go so smoothly either, but I got the paper I needed to get to the other establishment. Only it cost me walking to and fro more than once, waiting on a bench in the park for half an hour, and being unnaturally persuasive. The belief that I am not rich and need that money to come in even though it's not much and will be paid only for 2 months until my daughter is 19 helped me to pull it through. The truth that I am rich and actually the source of all that can be considered wealth and value made it feel unnatural.

Even though I had a wonderful session with my one and only client later the same day, and he told me, that he wanted to continue working with me and would pay me for the next month in a week, my body had the hardest night afterwards. I was thanking it and accepting the consequences of my own decision to feel and act like I would be poor and put it out there even though it most definitely needed to stay home and be supported in its battle with the virus.

The next day, the body felt week, but the symptoms hadn't worsened. I didn't beat myself up knowing that such events are a natural part of our journey here, that we will never be done with falling into believing the reality of our dream even though we are aware that and how we created every part of it. But I took it easy, stayed home and let the body do its job of staying alive.

The night after that, I slept like a baby and felt almost completely healthy the next morning. :)

How to Believe on Demand

Do you know what you want to experience in the future?

How sure are you on the scale of 1 to 10 that it will come true?

Is it hard to believe that nice things that you want will happen to you?

I know where you are. Been there, done that, and bought a bunch T-shirts.

For a very long time, I could not understand how people can believe something on demand.

I could believe what seemed believable and only hope what seemed less believable even on a good day.

But even the Bible seemed to suggest that we can ask for what we want and receive it IF WE BELIEVE IT (Mt. 8, 5-13; Lk 18, 1-8; Jm 13-18 etc.).

Not to speak about all the Law of Attraction teachings.

In the 40 years of my spiritual quest, I had come far, even experienced more than one personal Christ revelation, but believing that I will experience what I want was still a closed chest.

And then, it just sprung open: a friend mentioned Neville Goddard, I googled him, started reading, and BAM! I knew how to believe and consciously create my future!

It turned out believing is FEELING as if the desire HAS BEEN FULFILLED already.
And there is no doubt I can do that. :)

Now, I am enjoying consciously creating all kinds of experiences for myself and others more and more easily and naturally.

And having so much fun with it!

And helping others to learn that, too!

I have created two Facebook groups for that: Your Unique Key To Success and Your Unique Key To Health .

Feel free to join us according to what you want to change now: you financial situation or your health.

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I Don't Know What I Want

Working through the first microdegree in the Entrepreneur Mentor Certification Program, I had a profound experience today.

I discovered that there is still a huge resistance in my human system to honest wanting, wishing, or asking for something for myself.

While growing up, the human system has experienced the excruciating (mostly emotional) pain of not getting what I honestly and passionately wanted or of paying dearly after getting it.

So, the energy in my body responsible for its safety and integrity is doing everything possible to prevent me from even knowing what I want.

Those energetic assumptions are still very powerful and painful, but I'm transforming them using EFT, Ho'oponopono and Inner Reconciliation.

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My New Life Begins

After listening to this recording with Jim Rohn I realized, what I have been doing at least for the last couple of decades: creating the final part of this lifetime that might bear the title "My Poor Old Age".

And I have been extremely successful at that.

Sitting with that recording, I decided to choose a different story for the coming years of this life.

I am not really sure about the title yet, but the direction is clear for me: a prosperous and deeply satisfying last part of this lifetime for myself and the world a better place for the generations to come.

The first step that I took was jointing a unique certification course at the Entrepreneur Institute and making the first of  the 12 payments for it.

It started today and is resonating completely with my longing to organically combine deep spirituality with successful entrepreneurship.

I still have more than 2 weeks to experience it and to drop out if it doesn't feel right to stay.

But, for now, I am expecting it to work and bring desired changes into my experience.

And make the whole world a more harmonious and enjoyable place by the ripple effects of that.

Since the beginning of the year, the main focus of my journey has been on the transformation of my relationship with money and business.

Lots of old wounds and beliefs have been making this relationship a constant battle field and roller coaster for decades.

Lots have healed and transformed already during these past 6 months.

Now, it feels like I have stepped into a parallel universe with a very different me and circumstances I create.

Feels rather scary but very exciting at the same time. And I'm really curious about what comes next.

Five days ago I purchased 2 new domain names, paid for one year of website hosting, and engaged my youngest son in creating a new blog for me.

As soon as it is active, I will invite you to follow me over there and become part of my journey into this new expansion of consciousness.