From Depression To Constant Bliss

Today, I stumbled upon these words by one of my teachers Jeff Foster.

There is beauty in doubt.
It keeps the mind curious, open, fresh,
away from the harshness of conclusions.

There is sacredness in sadness.
It keeps the heart soft, mellow, fertilised,
ready for the emergence of joy.
Even your anger is precious.
It brims with life, dignity, passion,
the longing to be heard,
to fight for those without a voice.
Do not push away any feeling;
make room for them, let them move.
Be their home, their sanctuary.
- Jeff Foster

So beautifully put! And my experience shows me that it is absolutely possible.

But you might ask: "How can I do that? I don't like feeling doubt, sadness, and anger, because they tend to overwhelm me. I'd better get rid of them. But I have tried all kinds of techniques, and nothing brings permanent results."

I used to have the same struggles and was more than once just a couple of steps from suicide. But I found the way from misery to constant bliss and freedom.

And now, as a Transformational Coach and Certified Inner Reconciliation Facilitator I am helping others to find that way. And I would love to help you as well.

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Don't Kick The Habit Yet

Today, I stumbled upon this pretty old article by Lissa Rankin.

It starts like this:

"I know you just made resolutions, but don’t try to stop smoking. Don’t give up booze. Don’t throw out your pot. Don’t ditch the donuts.
While you’re at it, don’t join the gym.  Don’t try to meditate every day.  Don’t promise to get over your money issues. Don’t resolve to lose twenty pounds.
Don’t quit the job you hate. Don’t leave your deadbeat boyfriend.  Don’t try to be a better mother/ daughter/ friend. Don’t give up internet porn.
Don’t finish that novel. Don’t sign up for that art class. Don’t declutter your house. Don’t get out of debt."
"What the heck? !!!" you might ask. Read until the end of it, and you'll understand.
And, from my experience with myself, my children and my clients, I can really say she's right.
You might wonder how to accept yourself with those "bad" habits and even love yourself although you "did it again". 

Please, drop me a line here, on Facebook or send me an email to ritajc[at]inbox[dot]lv . I'd be more than happy to help you see how natural it actually is for you. :)


No Matter What You Do...

Today, I received a link to this video with Eckhart Tolle in an e-mail.


Especially Eckharts words: "No matter what you do your present state of consciousness spreads, affects others." were a wonderful reminder of how my life is unfolding. :)

Thank you so much, Universe=Love=Life!



Relax and Let Me Help You

Today, I stumbled upon this article by Bronte Reilly about finding a healthy balance in her life.

Inter altem, she writes:

"It was only by giving myself permission to be less than perfect that I finally made progress. Here's what I did: I stopped trying to incorporate every philosophy from every book I read into my morning meditation practice, my yoga practice, my diet, my workouts. I didn’t stop taking advice. I just stopped trying to do everything at once."

How many of us are still trying "to do everything at once"and be "perfect" in all that we are doing, whatever our mind is suggesting that would be.

The article is compact and rich, and makes so much sense, at least to me.

As a certified coach, that's what I do: I help people to relax and find their way out of the dictatorship of their fears and beliefs.

If you need help with that, please contact me on ritajc[at]inbox[dot]lv or Facebook and let's give it a try.

The Tide Is Turning

Today, I stumbled upon this new 5D report from Lauren C. Gorgo.

I am not a paying member, so I just read the free part, and that resonated with me 100%.

I feel so ready for this:

"The tide is turning and in about two-three weeks time our lives will begin to pivot from merging to e-merging.  The scenery shifts as the second half of this year presents to us the backdrop needed to recreate reality based on the truth of who we truly, divinely, authentically are…that which indubitably serves the higher plan.  All that’s required is the courage to BE…unapologetically YOU."

And I'm happy to have my teacher, the irreverent sage, GP Walsh and my Inner ReconciliationTM buddies, with whom I can have sessions, that help me to align the energies in my body to my real "I".

The transformations we experience lately are really profound and miraculous!

And we are starting to help people outside our circle to find their real selves and become free for the authentic lives they came here to have.

If you'd like to give it a try as well, please, send me an e-mail to: ritajc@inbox.lv or contact me on Facebook.


No Goals, Just Happiness

Today, I stumbled upon this article by Michael Taylor.

Inter alia, he writes:

"Here's the science behind it: When our attention is aimed narrowly and forcefully at accomplishing goals — for example in yoga, jumping and pushing into poses — our body is bathed in stress hormones, including cortisol. We become chemically less able to see the full range of options available to us. We are less creative and less intuitive. We're ready to survive an attacking tiger, but that's about it. Keep pushing this way, and we're likely to gain more weight than we need, injure our bodies, and suffer from a variety of stress-related disorders."

He speaks mostly about yoga practice, but I can agree with him about this with regard to our whole life based on my experience of nearly 6 decades. :)

It has never felt natural for me to set goals and push though until I reach them. So I have dropped doing it more and more. And life has juts unfolded and become more and more joyful.

Like Michael Taylor words it: "We get happy, creative and intuitive. It feels amazing!"

Oh, yeah!


To Create Fearlessly

(image courtesy: experiencelife.com)

Today, I stumbled upon this article with 10 great suggestions to help us create fearlessly.

What it's missing in my eyes, is the clarity about how to implement those 10 great ideas.

I'd say: Get some kind of friend/coach, who can help you to close the cleft between wanting to live differently and actually doing it.

And that I'd be happy to serve you as such, if you'd let me.

Drop me a line here or at ritajc[at]inbox[dot]lv or Facebook and let's see, if it works!


Integrating Your True Self

Today, I discovered this new 5D Report from Lauren C. Gorgo in one of my i-boxes.

Inter alia, she writes:

"When we (unconsciously) resist the downloads, the energies tend to coalesce in the body and get trapped in our cells creating more intense symptoms than need be.  I know many are having a difficult time assimilating, but relief and assistance are available at all times, and the golden ray of light (with intention) works wonders, miracles even.  It is also advisable to ask for assistance when needed, there is so much unused help available to those who are embodying at this time, but we have to remember to give our consent.  No need to be a superhero…it takes a hero just be on earth at this time."

I would love to help you with this.
Just drop me a line here or at ritajc[at]inbox[dot]lv or Facebook and let's give it a try!

Have You Suffered Enough?

For almost two years I have been a student of GP Walsh gradually advancing to one of his assistants.

Since March 26, I am participating in the Inner Reconciliation Certified Facilitator Program of his Master Heart Institute.

And, for about a month, I'm regularly coaching my program buddies and other people helping them to stop suffering.

What an honor and pleasure to see how our sessions change people's lives for the best and to hear the great feedback!

Have you suffered enough? Contact me and let's talk! I know, I can help you.

P.S. I apologize to GP and to the ones I told, that I'm his student for 7 or 8 years already.

Have no idea, how I became really convinced about that.

I honestly thought there must be a mistake, when I re-checked and discovered, that it's much less. :)

Update: I think I know, how this happened: I was checking how long ago I got officially recognized as a Member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) at the same time a couple of months ago. :)


A Place Of Perfect Satisfaction

Today, I stumbled upon this great conversation.

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