Business Boot Camp and Painting Again

Last week felt pretty much like a creative business boot camp, as I continued to work through the book by Jennifer Lee and listened to one business guru after another, tried to figure out my unique expertise and the best ways to serve with it using the Soulcollage and other tools. For now, I just continue to discover more and more gifts and have no idea, how to make them all work together... I hope, it's just a phase, and I can figure it out with time and perseverance. Yesterday, I listened to an interview with Flora Bowley, and she mentioned a span of 18(!!!) years between her starting to consider herself an artist and the flourishing business she has now. The thing is, I don't have 18 years. I'm almost 55 and need to feed me, my 2 youngest kids, and animals now. That makes me take almost every job I can get, although they don't provide me with serious income and slow down my process of figuring out a better way of life. Besides, working as a freelancer doesn't give me much control over our life, as the offers come in, as they do, sometimes - one a week or even less, sometimes - 4 at once, as it happened today. :) But enough about that!

I didn't think I'd take any more art courses, but the Strathmore Artist Papers offer some for free, so I signed up for the class with Robert Joyner. And the second video brought me back to painting, which felt really good after quite a while.
This is the first result
And these are some of the phases it went through

Not loose enough for Robert Joyner, I guess, but almost too lose for RitaJC :)

This is it for today, excerpt for the usual ending :)

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Ayala Art said...

Looks great Rita! I love the mellow colors.