Playing With Watercolors

As some of you already know, I'm not sure, what to do in the public studio and if to continue visiting it at all. But I'm still going to it now and than to support my youngest son.

Last time, when I was there, I took some water colors with me. Firstly, because they are much easier to transport and, secondly, because watercolors,  black ink and dip pen are the supplies I started my development as an artist with 5 decades ago. And I still love them. :)

So, I just played a bit with water, brushes and the paints. And these are the results. Most definitely not finished artworks and might never be finished as such. But it felt good and so different to what I'm used to lately :)

And, today, I stumbled upon this article about blogging. What do you think? Do you agree with the author? Or not?

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1 comment:

nini said...

I think she has a good point - especially if you use your blog to sell more. Otherwise I think it's good to show a bit of yourself as well.

And now I need to read some of your previous posts to see how come you don't like to hang out in the studio no more.