Back on the Creative Track

OK, folks, I'm back on the creative track. YAY!

My sister wanted a green lacy scarf for her birthday. So, as soon, as I finished and delivered a huge translation project (on Tuesday), it was almost only knitting and TV shows. :)

I'm a fast knitter, but, as I hadn't done it for a while, it took me about 10 attempts to figure out the right design. :) Today, we had a small family party, and I could give it to her. She liked it! Phew!

Now, to other projects!

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suzi poland said...

Wow you are a fast knitter and a good one too. I would love a pattern for this design it's lovely and light which suits us here where most of the year it's not freezing cold. :)Suzi

Rita Juse-Cirkse said...

Thank you, Suzi! Unfortunately, it's just a tiny image in an old Latvian book. Every similar pattern would do actually. My trick for getting it soft and airy: needles twice as thick as suggested for the yarn :)