The Tide Is Turning

Today, I stumbled upon this new 5D report from Lauren C. Gorgo.

I am not a paying member, so I just read the free part, and that resonated with me 100%.

I feel so ready for this:

"The tide is turning and in about two-three weeks time our lives will begin to pivot from merging to e-merging.  The scenery shifts as the second half of this year presents to us the backdrop needed to recreate reality based on the truth of who we truly, divinely, authentically are…that which indubitably serves the higher plan.  All that’s required is the courage to BE…unapologetically YOU."

And I'm happy to have my teacher, the irreverent sage, GP Walsh and my Inner ReconciliationTM buddies, with whom I can have sessions, that help me to align the energies in my body to my real "I".

The transformations we experience lately are really profound and miraculous!

And we are starting to help people outside our circle to find their real selves and become free for the authentic lives they came here to have.

Book a free session with me here and let's talk! OK?

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