How To Brake Free From The Grip Of Your Inner Storyteller

Today, I discovered this article by the well known scientist, speaker and author Brené Brown.

A bit of a long-ish read, but really worth it!

"Storytelling helps us all impose order on chaos—including emotional chaos. When we're in pain, we create a narrative to help us make sense of it. This story doesn't have to be based on any real information."

"Our stories are also about self-protection. "

"When we're under threat, we run. If we feel exposed or hurt, we find someone to blame, or blame ourselves before anyone else can, or pretend we don't care."

Does this sound familiar? It does, at least, in my experience, and only for 100%. :)

"But this unconscious storytelling leaves us stuck."

The greatest thing about this article is, that Brené offers a really effective technique to deal with our inner story teller. We need some time to get used to it and do it habitually, but it really works.

Most people might need some help at the beginning, because it is a change of the whole way your nervous system, mind and body operates, and it feels scary to start stepping of the painful, dysfunctional, but, oh, so familiar path.

And this is, where I and my colleagues step in. This is exactly, what we do as Inner Reconciliation Facilitators: we help people at the beginning of the path, that leads to much more happy and fulfilled lives.

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