How To Reduce Harmful Stress In A Way That Is Perfect For You?

Just discovered this great video about stress.

It's by MD Mike Evans and there are hardly any medical docs or healers who wouldn't agree that stress causes most if not all mental and physical illnesses and uncomfortable conditions.

Dr. Evans explains the mechanism of stress, how it impacts our well-being, and offers a whole palette of great ways of reducing harmful stress in our bodies.

What is missing in this video is the HOW?

How to change my thinking?  (And is thinking actually the key?)

How to change the general attitude from pessimism to optimisms?

How to start believing that I have more control over my life?

How to know what level of stress is good for me and what - harmful?

How to know where to get the help which would work for me?

Do you have a suspicion that stress is causing a chronic or recurring painful condition in your body?

Would you like to get the missing peace of the puzzle?

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