Story Of A Recovery #2: Using Balconies

It’s a lovely day here in Liepaja/Latvia: partially sunny, not too hot, not too cold, and just enough fresh breeze for me.

I just had a nice brunch on one of my balconies.

I really love nature and its wonderful effects on my physical and mental health.

And I love to walk, could do it for hours, if my back and hips were not so fragile. But they are.

So, I can do only one rather brisk but short walk/training with our Rottweiler x German Shepherd daily.

The rest of my walking is done inside or on chores, or dancing ArgentineTango.

Afterwards my hips and spine need a couple of days and some cabbage leaves put on them to recover.

I could take a blanket and sit or even lay down in the wonderful protected field on the shore of Lake Liepaja in the close vicinity of my home.


1. it would be too boring for me without internet connection and none of my arts and crafts supplies;

2. it would take time and preparation which might drain my restricted energy so much, that I wouldn't have any left to actually reach the field.

It would be really nice to sit in a garden to enjoy the nice weather. And I do that. Not only when weather is nice.

Only … most of my garden is located inside my apartment on the 8th floor of an apartment building.

But I have got two balconies:
one to the East

and one to the West.

So, I spend as much time on them as possible (or have at least one balcony door open day and night)

* enjoying the privacy, the fresh air, the beautiful views, and

* naturally and easily, integrating nature into my daily life.

That always works better for me than “special events” in “special places”.

How about you? How are you using what is easily accessible to you to take care of your body?

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