Free To Feel Unfree

Today, this post by Jeff Foster greeted me on a couple of social media:
"If you feel trapped, blocked, stuck, unfree in your being right now, remember: you are absolutely free to feel this way today.
Even the feeling of stuckness, limitation, constriction is effortlessly held, allowed, embraced in the natural Freedom that you are, the Presence that is always here. Nothing and no-one can take this Freedom away from you. Even a sense of limitation cannot destroy it.
You are absolutely free to feel whatever you feel in this moment. This permission is built-in; it doesn't come from any external source. Knowing this is the key to unshakeable peace and a contentment that doesn't depend on external circumstances "going your way".
Even your sense of limitation is infinite!"

Simple, brilliant, and healthy! Feel and be well, my friend!

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Naomi said...

This is such a wonderful beautiful truth, thank you so much Rita for passing it along ❤️