Dark Mother 2

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must already know, that, last week, I got inspired by the Dark Mother and started a painting dedicated to her, practically an icon, as I had no plans whatsoever, before I started it, and, I believe, the Dark Mother itself guided me to start it and through the whole process.

To be honest, we had some pretty tough moments together, especially, when she decided to show up naked. :) These are some of the phases we went through together.

I'm not sure, if we are completely done with each other already, but we most definitely are coming along well again and this is more or less, how the manifestation of the Dark Mother looks right now.

Now, I have to complete the week 2 assignment for the Introduction to Art course.  As my youngest son is having his graduating party this coming Saturday, I have to push myself a bit not to miss the deadline. :)

Update: We seem to be done with each other now

To see more of the stages we went through, visit this album on Facebook.

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Dorothy Donna Parker said...

This new concept in blog directories is very interesting. I will investigate. You and the Dark Mother are having quiet a time together. Just to be clear, is she not the Goddess of the Underground? I would like to know more about why she is visiting you and what you are learning from her. Your paintings are great, Rita. hugs, Donna