Knitting Galore Still Going On

On Sunday, I started to knit something for the first time in my life. And after 5 decades of knitting, believe me, there is not much left in that category. :)

Needed a couple of days to figure out the best design, yarn and technology for the purpose and the anticipated user.

Yesterday, I posted this image in various places on Facebook to let my friends guess, what it would be. It was so much fun! :D

Now, it's finished. And if your guess was a sleeve for a laptop, you were right!

My youngest son got a high end laptop as a stimulating present from one of his aunts for his studies as a multimedia designer he started in September.

The device needs to be transported back and forth between the school and our home outside the town by public transportation without drawing too much attention to it.

So it needs to be protected. Now, it has its own sleeve. My son and I, both love, how it turned out! YAY!

I even used a special technology to knit and finish it up in one piece to avoid any seams.

Now, my daughter wants such a sleeve for her laptop as well, only in a different color. :) So, stay tuned, peeps!

(Sorry for the different hues of blue in the images! It's really tricky to get them straight with as less day light as we have here lately.)

I really might stay with knitting for a while now, at least for the days (weeks, months) with less natural light here in the North.

I really love to knit for the time being, and there is one very pleasant additional side effect: if I create, while listening to or watching something, it works as an antidote to emotional eating :)

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