She Can Be Back Any Time

Since July, there was a dry period in my creative life. For the first couple of months, I felt really blue.

I wasn't even very surprised about that after a pretty stressful first half of the year with my youngest son graduating and preparing for the art school.

In September, I could at least knit again. But all those months went by almost without painting or collaging.

And I felt pretty bad about all the papers and supplies laying around here and just taking space. It felt very probable, that I could never get back to it. Even this morning.

But, lo and behold! This afternoon I re-started to paint and collage again! And it felt like I would have never stopped!

I'm not sure, if it is back as a daily practice for me or just an episode. But there is something I want to remember for every moment my muse is hiding:


I would be really happy to hear about your experience with your muse? Does she sometimes hide from you? And how do you handle it?

Please, feel free to leave a comment here or contact me at ritajc(at)inbox(dot)lv

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Maryann said...

Boy did I need to hear that today. "She can be back anytime" I have been too emotionally drained by dealing with my ongoing "husband" stuff to even pick up a pen or brush or paper etc. Yet I know that I need to create for my own peace of mind. Taking time for me is so important and yet so difficult. I do not usually make new year resolutions but this year I am going to make a piece a week. Yes I am, Yes I am, Yes I am.

Rita Juse-Cirkse said...

I'm so happy, Maryann, my post helped you in some way