From Depression To Constant Bliss

Today, I stumbled upon these words by one of my teachers Jeff Foster.

There is beauty in doubt.
It keeps the mind curious, open, fresh,
away from the harshness of conclusions.

There is sacredness in sadness.
It keeps the heart soft, mellow, fertilised,
ready for the emergence of joy.

Even your anger is precious.
It brims with life, dignity, passion,
the longing to be heard,
to fight for those without a voice.

Do not push away any feeling;
make room for them, let them move.
Be their home, their sanctuary.

- Jeff Foster

So beautifully put! And my experience shows me that it is absolutely possible.

But you might ask: "How can I do that? I don't like feeling doubt, sadness, and anger, because they tend to overwhelm me. I'd better get rid of them. But I have tried all kinds of techniques, and nothing brings permanent results."

I used to have the same struggles and was more than once just a couple of steps from suicide. But I found the way from misery to constant bliss and freedom.

And now, as a Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Inner Reconciliation Facilitator I am helping others to find that way. And I would love to help you as well.

Schedule a FREE diagnostic call with me here and let's talk! OK?

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