The Dark Mother

Last week has been a bit of a crazy with my 55th birthday on June 3, both of my teenagers and me having health issues, while my youngest son is still in the middle of his graduation exam session, me having teleclasses one after another desperately trying to launch a new business to start earning more money quickly.

But, after The Sacred Dreamer with Shiloh Sofia, it was so hard not to paint. It feels like it's my mission now to let the Divine use me as a channel to materialize aspects of him/herself in forms tangible to people's physical senses.

Besides, look, what my oldest son sent me for my birthday!

On Wednesday, I was surprised to find a black feather lying right in front of our house entrance that felt like to be meant for me. So I picked it up and tried to figure out its message.

Somebody mentioned the Dark Mother. I looked it up on the www and started to feel a strong urge to create a portal for her to show up. So I started a painting with one of my new inks and water.

Then, I added some more inks, water, and even alcohol. It sounded like drumming, when the drops landed on the stretched canvas, one by one.

I always love this phase of painting the most, the unpredictability, the flow. And all the yummy prints and drops on the paper sheets I use to catch up the excess ink and water.

On Thursday, I found another black feather and the Dark Mother started to make her appearance step by step leaving me in the dark about what she wants until it was the right moment for the next detail to be revealed.

A truly mystical experience. This is, how far we have got today.

Our journey has only started. Stay tuned for updates!

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Rita said...

Happy Birthday! Your son sent you lovely gifts! I love the black feather inspired art.

Rita B.

Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

This is awesome, Rita! Follow the path and your heart. Perhaps making more money 'quickly' is associated with fear. I know it is for me. Baby steps my dear, baby steps. All is well. blessings and light, Donna xo

Linda said...

what a great b'day gift! I love how you use signs to open your art to the universe.Beautiful art.

Giggles said...

Happy Birthday mine was a few days before yours! This is the best birthday gift ever! Enjoy...and finding those feathers was definitely a message...I have a feeling one more will turn up whether for real, or in writing or in another way....

Hugs Giggles

Debs said...

WOW!!!! xxxx

Kim said...

Happy Birthday and HPPF!

Rita Juse-Cirkse said...

Thank you so much, everybody! said...

happy Birthday for last week:)
I am always amazed how inspiration comes in such unexpected ways! Your painting is beautiful and I will look forward to seeing her finished

pauline said...

i LOVE the first 2 paintings you showed us!! The ink and water... As soon as i saw the first one, i saw a baby grand piano. Beautiful work. THank you for sharing! xox